As each year passes by and turns to the next, people already begin to look forward to what will come in the New Year. In this age of technology one of the things people look forward to the most are what the new and hot gadgets and technology will be for the coming year. It doesn’t matter if they are kitchen gadgets, smartphones or new applications; the key is to find gadgets that will make our lives much easier every day.

There are constant new advances being made so you know you will be able to look forward to what will become available. Here are just a few of what are already being considered as what will be the best gadgets of 2016:

  • Grobo – a very ingenious gadget that will let you do some gardening indoors. You can grow your own herbs to cook delicious recipes thanks to Grobo, a pod that features LED lights and can be connected to your smartphone, so you don’t forget to water your plants and know exactly when the right time to harvest is. Not only will it be a useful kitchen gadget for the food lovers, but also a gadget that will add beauty to any home.
  • The R2-D2 fridge The fans of Star Wars will be delighted to see that for around £5,400 they can take their own remote controlled fridge. Created by Haier Asia, this small fridge resembles the lovely character from Star Wars and will serve you your favourite cold drinks. It comes complete with sound effects and a rotating head.
  • OneCook – A robotic chef that acts as a nutritional coach, food delivery service and social sharing platform. Created by Tech-No-Logic, this automated cooker will let their users become more health conscious. OneCook comes with refrigeration and defrosting settings and a smart software that uses data about the cooking process and food nutrients to help the user achieve their health goals.
  • KitchBot – A very useful smart cooker with temperature control for people who love eating healthy but don’t have the time to spend on tedious cooking. It is very simple to use and according to the creators of KitchBot, you only have to follow three simple steps:
  1. Place the ingredients in a bag and seal them
  2. Place the bag in the KitchBot and choose the cooking mode you want. Then, when the cooking is done your mobile will ring so you know your food is ready
  3. Enjoy your meal!
  • EVS 6214 PureLine Vacuum Sealing Drawer – A vacuum-sealing drawer from Miele that will be available from May 2016. This drawer will complement Miele’s Generation 6000 design and the user will only be able to see the vacuum chamber when opening the drawer. A very useful tool in the kitchen that will help users to preserve food, especially when doing batch cooking.
  • Kitchen Aid Classic Mandolin – Honourable mention to this classic mandolin. It does exactly what it says on the tin and like most kitchen aid items it looks great doing it. Well worth it for close chopping.

There will surely be many more great kitchen gadgets that you will find coming around in 2016 that are designed to make your life more fun and enhance many of the daily experiences you have, save you money or time. Keep any eye out for the latest in technology so you can be ready to be part of the world to come this year.

These gadgets are among some of the most exciting and can work beautifully within your new kitchen space, making it seem more attractive, more beautiful and more functional. This can be hugely beneficial and can make your kitchen seem like a far more attractive and fun prospect.

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A new kitchen should be a celebration of the house hold and something that defines your home. As most people cook, live and socialise in their kitchen, we believe that they should reflect this and it should be something that not only looks great but is functional too. These gadgets can be a fantastic complement for our great kitchen designs and are set to be among the most talked about in the coming years. They work within the ethos of a better, smarter kitchen and also look great.

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