Summer is almost upon us (finally!) and it is time to get your kitchen ready for the months ahead.

The thing we love about summer is the burst of energy we seem to have. Winter is characterised by dark mornings and even darker nights whereas summer is all about light, energy and a sense of rejuvenation. Your mood is probably lifted by the sun and your kitchen should be prepped to deal with the demands of the summer too.

The team from Kitchen Warehouse have come up with 3 ways in which you can get your kitchen in top shape for summer this year.

Get Your Freezer Prepped

Have a look in your freezer and you will probably find a lot of things left over from the winter. Frozen stews, soups and things that you probably are not going to use. Summer represents a great time to have a clear out.

Think about it. You will need room for ice cream and bags of ice for your summer cocktails. Get rid of the frozen winter items because let’s face it, you have not used them yet and you will be unlikely to for the next 3 months.

Start A Herb Garden

Decorating your kitchen with a lot of green is a good way to prepare it for the summer and what better way is there to do this than to start a herb garden indoors? You do not even need a lot of space!

A windowsill that gets good natural light is sufficient. Invest in basil, rosemary, mint and thyme as these will not grow very tall, will provide plenty of taste to your summer meals and are inexpensive to buy. Have a look at our guide for growing herbs on your kitchen windowsill.

Focus On Light Colours

kitchens in summerFinally carrying out some decoration in your kitchen is a great method of dusting off the winter and spring cobwebs and illuminating your kitchen in the warm months ahead. Just remember to keep it light.

Remove the black plates and dark brown kitchen chairs. Instead focus on adding floral patterns, colourful dinnerware and greens, yellows or reds are sensible colours. These help to make the perfect summer kitchen.

How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Summer

It does not take a lot to get your kitchen in tip-top shape for the summer months. Just a few choice changes here and there can really lighten it up.

Most people find themselves in a better mood because of the increase in sunlight, the brighter mornings and nights and the fact that you can go outdoors without 3 layers on. While much of the summer nights are spent in the garden or on the patio, the kitchen still plays an important part in preparing light and fresh meals as well as mixing cocktails and drinks.

Getting your home ready for summer is easy and with our 3 tips you can have an energetic, bright and stylish kitchen in no time. Get in contact with us by calling 01765 640 000 or email to get in touch.

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