Who wouldn’t want a lovely new modern kitchen – whether minimalist, rustic or Shaker-style? If that’s you and you simply don’t have the cash to splash out on all new mod cons and chic kitchen cabinets well, fret not. There are easy touches to update your kitchen that can make it feelnew. What are we talking about? Well, read on…

Replace minor kitchen appliances

You use your sink daily, so how about treating yourself to a new one? And, while you’re at it, switch over the taps too. Change your steel sink to a deep Belfast model and have a fancy pressure spray on your kitchen mixer tap so you can really get those pots clean without too much effort on your part. And, if you don’t have a dishwasher and lead a busy life, then a deep Belfast sink is a great way to store dishes until you have the time to give them a good scrub (you didn’t hear that here…).

Enhance your hardware

Replacement kitchen cabinets are probably the best way to really update your kitchen without breaking the bank. At just a fraction of the cost of completely refitting new cabinets, altering the doors of your existing kitchen cabinet layout can make a huge impression on how your current kitchen looks and feels. And anyway, your existing cabinet shelving may be great and doesn’t need pulling out anyway (think of the mess!).

You could switch country-style cabinet fronts for Shaker style cabinets, or opt for minimalist handle-less doors which open with just a bit of light pressure. Or, if you don’t fancy handle-less, then do get yourself some smart new handles to really update your kitchen.

Change the décor

Introduce some wallpaper into your kitchen. This could be in the form of one feature wall. It could also involve going over one smaller side wall in blackboard paint. Using blackboard paint and chalk you can write up visible reminders and even conduct written conversations with that family of yours who are never around when you want to tell them something.

Then again, if you’re already happy with the colour and décor of your kitchen then alter it slightly by putting up a decorative back splash. There are amazing textured and picture-style backsplashes to choose from these days.  You may just be astonished at how transformative they can be to a kitchen.

Add in an accent

One of our favourite ways to bring life to a kitchen is to add in a bright accent colour. You can do this in the form of coloured bowls, mpots & pans, plant pots, a wall clock, tea towels and cutting boards etc. A friend of ours even adds an accent colour in the form of drawer liners which, although not instantly visible, makes her smile when she pulls open the drawers. A large pendant light in your accent colour often looks terrific too. And, talking of lighting…

Reposition your lighting

Undercabinet lighting can alter the mood of your kitchen and refocus the eye so that you place more emphasis on the worktops. These in themselves are easy to replace without any great expense or effort on your part, incidentally. The beauty of undercabinet lighting is that it’s very easy to install – simply buy from your local interiors store and screw it in onto the bottom of the cabinets yourself. Similarly, if you have a kitchen island then this can usually be installed as a strip of LED bulbs around the bottom.

Relegate your kitchen clutter

Yes, we’ve been down this road before. And, in fact, could probably devote a whole blog post to the subject. That’s because clearing away counter items and drawers stuffed full of miscellaneous stuff so that they can barely shut, will not only cause you to sigh with relief, but it may even make you feel like you have an entirely new kitchen. To do this, invest in lots of drawer dividers and hanging cloth shelving that can be added to the back of tall doors.

To really boost this decluttering process, throw out anything you haven’t used in a couple of years. That means the fondue set, broken coffee maker, waffle iron and smoothie maker. Regardless of how expensive they were to buy at the time if they were really essential they wouldn’t be sitting there in the cupboard covered in dust right now.

We hope the above ideas have given you some inspiration and, if so, do take a look through our website where you’ll find we specialise in replacement kitchen cabinets in particular. Enjoy your browse!

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