In many homes the kitchen is the central hub and the area where people are entertained, family comes together to talk and of course, the magic happens and great food is made. So, in many homes the kitchen is among the most important, if not the most important living area. Here’s what’s behind great kitchens.

With so much going on and the size of homes becoming increasingly small, a fitted kitchen can be a great way to make the most of often limited room. A fitted kitchen is created in a way that affords your kitchen the most space, while still offering as much functionality as possible.

Great kitchen fitters ensure that the old mantra of a place for everything and everything in its place rings completely true. Every piece of a kitchen should have its own space, from the cooker, to the fridge, to the microwave and all will be laid out with a consideration for functional efficiency, meaning everything is quickly and easily on hand. This is conducive to mood – no one likes clutter and with one of our kitchen fitters, you’ll never have to deal with the out of place again.

Though, we realise functionality comes first, it’s also important ensure that the kitchen fitters offer design as a close second. Great fitted kitchens, simply look – great! Aesthetic appeal is a lot to do with a fitted kitchen’s charms and by using the right kitchen fitter, you can ensure your kitchen looks exactly the way you’ve always dreamed. 

From colour, to surface materials, to form, your kitchen is there to provide you with something to brighten your day up, while also being a breeze to work in. Amazingly, a lot of the time these kitchens cost a lot less than you’d expect.

Considerations for a Great Kitchen

Your new kitchen is clearly something to get excited about. Fitting a new kitchen can turn even those who can’t boil and egg into a culinary super star – well maybe not. However, choosing a great kitchen can be easily achieved by following these great tips.

Work Space

Your fitted kitchen should have as much work space as you will ever need and a little more. Whether, you’re a neat, or tidy chef having plenty of space is essential, so discuss it with your kitchen fitter.


Easy to Reach

Ensuring all your items are within easy reach of where they should be is essential and saves time and hassle in the kitchen. Talk it over with your fitter and you can be sure you’ll never be out stretched for the herbs again, when stirring at the hob.

Double Sinks

The double sink is a great addition to a kitchen if you have the room and is very hygienic and also useful for cooking and cleaning as you go as you can strain in one, while cleaning in the other.

Solid Worktop

By investing in your worktop you are ensuring you are getting a work surface that won’t crack and wear overtime. Though there are cheaper alternatives, they may not be lower cost in the long run. More expensive work surfaces may be off putting, but they do last in the long run.

Wise Additions

Talking to your fitter often means you come up with a number of great new additions to your kitchen. For example by adding a fixed sharpener you won’t have any excuse for blunt knives, or building in a permanent herb box on the windowsill you’ll always have herbs at hand in a place you know. Its little quirks like this that make a kitchen, your kitchen.

Deciding on the Work Surface

Of course, the work surface area is also very important and there is also plenty of decisions to be made here.

The paradox of choice dictates that when we have too much to choose from, we often find it extremely hard to do so. To an extent, it can feel like this paradox comes into play when choosing a work surface for a kitchen. So, we’ve decided to give you a quick low down on the benefits of different kitchen surfaces, allowing you to make a well-informed decision on the type you want.

Granite Work Surfaces

Let’s start with the most desirable work surface. Granite is beautiful, unique and different depending on the location it was taken from. It’s also a hard, practical material, that’s heat resistant and easy to clean. On the downside, it’s expensive and also it is possible that it can be stained by wine, or fruit juices. It’s also heavy and so cupboards often need reinforcing.

Solid Surface Work Surfaces

Made from chipboard, or MDF, the name is a little deceiving as they’re made from thousands of little pieces of material. These seamless work surfaces look contemporary and are also available in almost any style you can think of. However, these surfaces tend to scratch easily, especially the high gloss finished kind. They can also be quite expensive when you add splashbacks and installation to the process.

Laminate Work Surfaces

In the UK the laminate work surface is king, mainly due to the fact it’s affordable. They can also be fitted quite easily and quickly. Like solid work surfaces, they come in a wide array of colours, from textured, to brightly coloured, to faux stone. They’re also impermeable and easy to keep clean.

There is a wide variation in the quality of laminate worksurfaces out there and to be frank many don’t really bear the passing of time that well. This is down to the fact that though the laminate is impermeable, the joins often allow water into the chipboard core. This can really cause serious problems for the long term health of the laminate work surface.


There’s something beautiful about wooden work surfaces and they really create an impression of quality. Like granite everyone is unique and many have a beautiful grain running through them. Different woods cost different amounts of money, however, expect to pay mid-range prices, between laminate and granite for a wooden work surface. Other benefits are that they can be cut to shape and that wood is antiseptic naturally.

Unfortunately, they do require some tender, loving care now and again. Wooden work surfaces are oiled before installation and this needs to be done every so often to prevent them from bending and warping. The liquid must also be dried quickly from wooden work surfaces as otherwise, it ends up staining it permanently. Finally, though they are often very strong and durable, it is best to err on the side of caution and use work savers for chopping and also for placing hot materials on.

So, now you know a little more about the kitchen decision process, we hope it will be a little easier.

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