The kitchen is at the heart of the home. It’s an area of the house where families gather to enjoy good food and relax together.  As one of the most used rooms in the house, when it comes to decorating your home at Christmas time, decorating your kitchen is just as important as decorating the other main living areas.

At a time when your home transforms into a festive haven of tinsel, glitter, Christmas tress, festive ornaments and flashing lights, your kitchen should also receive a festive makeover that reflects the magic of Christmas. After all, with many kitchens also doubling up as a dining area, this is where you will probably spend the most of your time during the festive season, over indulging and enjoying mountains of delicious food.

When it comes to decorating your kitchen at Christmas, there are thousands of decorations available, many of which will complement and enhance your existing decor. From traditional decorations to contemporary inspired items, decorating your kitchen at Christmas should be an enjoyable experience that will allow you to embrace traditions and add your own creative touch to your home.

With a wealth of themes, colour schemes and styles available, many people decorate their kitchen in keeping with the existing decor of their home, personal taste or in response to the season’s key trends.

Here’s some hints and tips on how to transform your kitchen at Christmas time:

Avoid Clutter on Kitchen Units and Tables

If you’re decorating your kitchen at Christmas time, less is definitely more. Remember this is a practical space where food is prepared daily, so overpowering your kitchen with lots of decorations is both impractical and unhygienic.

Instead, pick out a few high impact, unimposing decorations. This will be just as effective as covering your kitchen from top to toe with tinsel and Christmas themed decorations.

Create a Focal Point at the Table

Decorating your kitchen table and kitchen units at Christmas will allow you to unleash your creativity and create an eye-catching centerpiece that will make a lasting impression.

With so much delicious Christmas food enjoyed throughout the festive holidays, your dining table is often at the centre of your annual Christmas celebrations. Whether it’s enjoying a meal with close family, entertaining friends, hosting a dinner party, or sitting down to enjoy breakfast together in the lead up to Christmas Day, decorating your table will inject instant festive cheer into your home.

There are lots of options when it comes to dressing and decorating your kitchen table at Christmas.

Seasonal flowers can be a great way of creating a striking centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression.  Whether you purchase a bouquet that has already been neatly arranged or select and arrange your own flowers, seasonal centerpieces are a great way of adding festive flair to your kitchen. Christmas themed place mats and cutlery are also a great way of achieving a high impact look that will create a subtle yet striking impression.

Flashing Lights Around Kitchen Units

When we think of the festive season, it’s hard to imagine it without an array of flashing lights and mood lighting. There is something about twinkle lights and sparkles that add both warmth and festive character to a room.

Lighting can also be incorporated into many of your kitchen’s main features including in the back of seating, on the top of your kitchen units, as well as wrapped around ceiling lighting such as chandeliers.

Many people don’t often think about putting up a Christmas tree in their kitchen or dining area, however this can be a great way of incorporating lighting into your kitchen and transforming it into a hub of Christmas cheer. It also adds a cozy and restful feel to entire room.

Decorate your Chairs and Windows

Decorating your windows has been a tradition adopted by many for centuries. It’s a great way of spreading Christmas joy inside and outside of the home. Whether you use lighting or decorations such as attaching bows to string and filtering them around your window edge, it can be a great way of creating impact in your kitchen. If you are feeling creative, why not try attaching pretty seasonal ornaments such as stars and snowflakes at the end of red and green ribbon and dangling them from the tops of your windows?

The windowsill is also a great place to decorate during the holidays. By choosing one stand out piece such as a festive ornament or seasonal flowers, you can create a striking focal point that will provoke admiration.

Festive themed accessories can be a great way of decorating your home in keeping with its style and existing décor. By simply swapping your cushions for festive alternatives that match and complement your colour scheme, you can create a warm and welcoming feel.

Decorating your Kitchen Doors

Festive and cranberry wreaths are the epitome of Christmas and are a familiar sight in many homes around the world. Available in a range of sizes, styles and themes, wreaths can be hung on your doors inside or outside the home, and will allow you to embrace centuries of Christmas traditions.

Using accessories to transform the look and feel of a room at Christmas time can be just as effective as incorporating large stand out pieces. Accessories such as Christmas themed baking tins, embellished plates hung on the wall or stick on vinyl wall pieces can be a great way of decorating your kitchen at Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the perfect excuse to dig out your craft box and let your creative spirit run wild. Put on your Christmas carols and design and create your own Christmas themed decorations.

Explore online blogs, magazines and websites for design inspiration and you’ll find that most of the decorations you see can be recreated at home whilst incorporating your own personal touch.

Whether you’re strategically stacking baubles in a pyramid effect to create an eye-catching centrepiece or hand painting decorative Christmas plates, there are plenty of crafts available that will allow you to create your own unique and individual decorations.

Top 3 handmade Christmas decorations:

  • Fill traditional lanterns with Christmas themed lights, ornaments or baubles. This is a quick way to create a striking focal point in any room. For extra impact, use more than one lantern and vary their sizes.
  • Homemade banners boasting Christmas messages, or slogans such as Noel and Merry Christmas can be a great way of adding a special personal touch to your festive decorations. Hang them from your windows, doors or fireplace.
  • Children are often at the heart of this magical season so getting them involved in creating homemade kitchen decorations can be a great way of creating something special and memorable together, whilst spending quality time with each other.  There are lots of inspired designs and creations available to view online, home interior magazines and blogs.

Following these great tips for Christmas decoration will ensure that your kitchen cabinets, kitchen units and space as a whole show Christmas at its best.