What colours do you normally associate with kitchen décor? Blues, whites and wooden shades but what about green? Surely that is a little 1960’s? Has green not gone out of fashion with most other fads in the 20th century?

Well, not exactly. Green is actually making a comeback and it is being increasingly used to great effect by homeowners who want something that stands out in their home. In fact, it can be used to create an alternative but stylish colour scheme. So, why is green the new must-have colour? The Kitchen Warehouse team have taken a look!

Green As An Accent Colour

We love a design accent here. We even blogged about this before – How To Create A Killer Kitchen Accent – and this is one reason why green is a perfect colour to achieve this.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

OK, so maybe do not have green walls with red kitchen units but if you use it smartly you can really create a stylish look for your kitchen. Green goes well with greys and metallic colours to make an accent that stands out but does not massively out of place. The point of an accent is to create an area that contrasts with the rest of the room but one that does not make anyone that visits your home scream in horror or disgust.

Blend In With Other Colours

While green is great for creating a stand out design it can also blend in with the rest of your kitchen colour scheme if used in the correct way.

For example, green replacement kitchen doors can work really well with whites, greys and other light colours. A lighter shade of green will blend in well with the rest of your kitchen while still providing a striking shade that contrasts with your flooring, walls and worktops. In fact, if you want a real stand out colour scheme for your room then match green doors and cabinets with black worktops for a real modern but stylish effect.

Create A Natural Look

What is more natural than the colour green? Not only does it remind you of nature and the great outdoors but it makes sense to use it in your kitchen. Think of the different vegetables and foods that you cook – green is abundant and it is a sensible choice for your room. Many designers choose green as a link between the garden and the inside of your home and if you have good natural light in your kitchen then green is an incredibly effective choice.

Why Green Is The New Must-Have Colour

Redecorating your kitchen can be a headache when you do not know where to start. By choosing green either as an accent colour or as the main shade for your kitchen then you open up a whole world of possibilities. From a striking contrast to a colour that will blend in with the rest of your design while creating a natural and earthy tone, green is the new must-have colour.

What do you think about using green in your kitchen? Is it simply outdated or does it have a place in the 21st century home? Get in touch with our team to discuss the matter further. You can contact us by emailing us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com or by calling us on 01765 640 000.