It is safe to say that kitchen units have been used with handles for a very long time, as after all, how else would you access your precious kitchen utensils? Well, over recent times, the handleless option has come more and more popular, providing homeowners with a further selection dilemma when it comes to deciding on their kitchen design.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, this blog post highlight’s the advantages of installing handleless kitchen units and how they can freshen up your kitchen’s layout.


The design of a handleless kitchen unit is to add a smooth and seamless look to your room, giving you the freedom to add intricacies in other areas of the room. By going handleless you can add a simple look to your kitchen, and with a minimalist design, you will be able to appreciate its beauty without being overwhelmed by features.

Whether you go with our handleless high gloss, handleless textured or handleless matt style of kitchen unit, you will be adding a spacious look to a room in which space is so precious. Their unbroken lines also add a consistent feeling of elegance and the contemporary to your kitchen, keeping it right up to date with modern designs.


Another element that drives people towards purchasing a handleless kitchen is the fact that they are safer than kitchen cabinets that have handle. Without a handle on a kitchen door, it means that there is one less thing for adults or children to catch on if moving swiftly around the kitchen. As who needs their preparation for a family meal disrupted by an injury caused by a kitchen handle?

This means that you can easily open and close your replacement kitchen doors by holding the groove without having to worry about any potential damage being caused to you or your handle!


The cost of your kitchen handles won’t feel like much in comparison to the overall unit, but it might still be useful to save some money by going handleless that you can invest into other areas. Changing up the look of your kitchen can run the risk of burning a hole in your pocket, so making any savings where you can be a big help in the future.


A variety of shapes and sizes means that the units can benefit any home that wants to switch up their design to something simpler and more accessible. A handleless design is one that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, and with their study design they will be able to be a fixture in your kitchen for years to come.

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