Where for art thou handle – handles can make or break a kitchen and so making the right decision is key to creating the right finish for your design. Handleless kitchens have become far more popular over the last twelve months and can take out one of the most painstaking decisions when creating the finishing touches. A handleless kitchen design can give a completely different feel to the same kitchen design fitted with a handle.

High Gloss Handleless Kitchens

This type of kitchen door has had a section of it removed to form an area in which you can grip the door, enabling you to open it and gain access to your kitchen cabinet. Over the last two years, the demand for this style of the kitchen has grown and grown. The handleless high gloss kitchen doors that we use are manufactured in Italy and are a high-quality 22mm door with a fantastic crisp high gloss finish. We had a customer bring a handleless 18mm door in to compare it to ours last week.

They could not believe the quality difference between our door and their sourced door that they had brought to compare it. Our high gloss handleless door was far heavier and thicker, the groove was wider and easier to get your fingers into, the finish on the door was a different league completely! Our door was far superior as pointed out by the customer, who ordered his new kitchen that same day.

We do the handleless kitchens in many different colours and soon there will be the matt handleless kitchens available on our website for the people who like the handleless kitchens but don’t want the high gloss finish. We are currently selling the handleless matt kitchens from our showroom, but these will be available to buy through the website over the next few months.

High Gloss Kitchen with Handles Fitted

There are so many options available when choosing handles for your high gloss kitchen. It is very important to make the right choice to give your kitchen the correct look and feel. If you choose handles that you aren’t 100% sure of will take the enjoyment away from your newly fitted kitchen. When choosing be sure to pick up and feel the handles in your hand, consider the shapes and the finish and consider things like, ‘will these handles hurt my hands when opening and closing my kitchen cabinets,’ or ‘ can I get my hand in the space, and will my children bang their heads on these as they stick out too much or have sharp edges?

Other things to consider would be the finish of the handle – chrome or polished handles will look fabulous when polished, but not so fabulous when covered in fingerprints. Do you have the time or the want to be constantly buffing your chrome handles? If not then a brushed steel effect handle or a satin finish handle will fare you much better and be a lot less labour intensive!! Don’t be tempted to put the wrong ‘era’ or handle on your kitchen – for instance, consider how contemporary or traditional your kitchen design ensures you select a handle that will complement the style of your kitchen doors.

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