Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we supply so many different styles of kitchens, from the traditional country kitchens to the ultra-modern contemporary kitchen it is hard to say which sells best as they both appeal to different people in different ways. Whether it is to suit their lifestyle, taste or property, every ones view are different.

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Create a fresh look with a Roma Classic Kitchen

One of the best-selling traditional kitchens for us this year would have to be the painted Roma Shaker and Classic Kitchen Ranges, these two styles have been selling in the masses in 2013, and these are two different styles of kitchen doors that come in 17 painted colours. The best-selling painted kitchen colours of 2013 have been mussel, cream, stone, sage green, olive, white cotton and powder blue.

All of the painted kitchens in this range are very current colours, they are all soft pastille colours and look absolutely stunning when complemented with a décor that is painted in Farrow and Ball paint. We would always recommend using a Farrow and Ball paint in a room that has a painted kitchen in as the high-quality paint will emphasize the superb quality and colour of your new Roma Painted kitchen.

We also have in our traditional kitchen selection, the timeless solid oak kitchens; these kitchens will always be a massive seller in the UK. They are hardwearing and deal with the knocks and bumps of everyday life extremely well.

The quality of solid oak kitchens has improved massively over the last 10 years, the doors are a lot thicker than in previous years due to the price of solid oak coming down making a solid oak kitchen much more affordable than in the past.

Many people desire a solid oak kitchen but feel it is out of there budget, you are wrong!

solid oak Kitchen doors

Beautiful Solid Oak Kitchen Doors

A solid oak kitchen is far more affordable from Kitchen Warehouse UK Ltd than a lot of high street kitchen showrooms, due to the fact that the only difference to us from a gloss kitchen to a solid oak kitchen is the price of the kitchen door.

It costs us the same to make an 18mm oak effect kitchen unit as it does to make a cream 18mm kitchen unit. So the price difference between an oak effect kitchen cabinet with a solid oak kitchen door versus an 18mm cream kitchen cabinet with a high gloss cream door on should only be the price difference between the solid oak kitchen doors and the high gloss cream kitchen door.

This, in reality, is between £25- £50 pounds per replacement solid oak cabinet door depending on size. For instance, on an average size kitchen, it will cost £600 to £800 more for a solid oak kitchen than a high gloss cream kitchen which in my opinion, is a relatively small difference in price between the two kitchens for the quality difference of the material used to make the doors.

The warm and inviting tones of a solid oak kitchen will always make it a desirable item, an asset to a home of any age or period. A solid kitchen will never be in or out of fashion unlike some high gloss kitchens colours as it does not play the game of fashion; it is an item that everyone should try to own at least once in their lifetime. Our solid oak kitchens come in a wide selection of shaker styles and different colour tones.

Now going to the other end of the kitchen market, the modern contemporary kitchens

At Kitchen Warehouse,w e offer a huge selection of modern kitchens, such as complete high gloss kitchens, both with and without handles. There are a huge amount of colours to choose from!

Then there is the high gloss kitchen which has a flat panel and requires a handle to be fitted, this style of high gloss kitchen door comes in a vast selection of colours and finishes making the possibilities of combinations endless.

Handleless CreamThere are many advantages to a high gloss modern kitchen the first been the high gloss kitchen doors reflects daylight, rebounding light around the kitchen making a dark kitchen with a limited natural light feel and seem much brighter and lighter. The other big advantage is that there are no small ledges on a modern high gloss door like there is on a traditional shaker door for dirt to gather.

Making a contemporary kitchen far easier to clean and maintain over a traditional shaker kitchen. Flat high gloss kitchen doors are very easy to clean as they only require a quick wipe over with a hot CLEAN water, do not use any soap or washing up liquid just clean hot water as soap will leave streaks. Due to the fact that contemporary modern kitchens are so easy to clean, they are an ideal kitchen for people with young children or animals where lots of muck can be kicked up.

So back to the question of what is the most popular kitchen style, modern kitchens or traditional kitchens?

My answer to this question would be these two styles of kitchen are fairly matched, as both have their advantages. We can’t go by sales as they both sell in good volumes, it is purely a matter of personal taste and which one will accommodate your lifestyle best.

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