The definition of a ‘modern’ kitchen changes with time.

High gloss kitchen doors might be considered contemporary these days but will they be ten years from now? Solid Oak doors were once a modern style however now they are very much used to create a traditional looking kitchen.

While designs come and go if you want to create a modern kitchen in the here and now then high gloss kitchen doors are an effective way in which to achieve this. Even if you take away the durability aspect – high gloss kitchen doors are built to last even with the spillages, moisture and everyday damages that occur – these doors are an easy way to propel your kitchen forward.

How do these high gloss doors do this?

We are specialists at the Kitchen Warehouse when it comes to replacement kitchen doors and we are going to show you exactly why our high gloss range will create that modern and minimalistic look that you are after.

A Sleek Design

A modern style these days means being as minimalist as possible. It also adheres to a sleek and shiny finish and this is exactly what high gloss kitchen doors offer.

Not only do our high gloss doors come in a multitude of shades, such as white, grey, cream, cashmere and anthracite, but they have a smooth mirror like crisp finish. This provides a reflective surface that helps to achieve a modern and minimalist style. As an added bonus they are great to use to smaller kitchens because they help to emphasise the illusion of space which can defeat the cramped feel to many rooms.

When you combine high gloss kitchen doors with either solid timber or matt kitchen units they can really bring the room to life with their sleek finish, minimalistic style and overall modern flair that provides a fresh slant on a contemporary design.

Modern Colour Scheme

The essence of a modern kitchen is to think outside of the box. Remove the old, traditional colour schemes such as oak or pine doors and instead look to other colours.

High gloss kitchen doors come in many colour schemes that bring a certain brightness to the room while our handleless high gloss range has ten different shades available which each adds a modern edge to the room. Contemporary designs rely on thinking slightly ‘outside of the box’ and using colours that you wouldn’t normally associate with a kitchen style. White High Gloss Doors

A good tip for using high gloss replacement kitchen doors is to combine them with colours that contrast with each other. For example, our cream high gloss doors work really well with greens and even reds will make your doors stand out.

Easy Maintenance

A minimalist kitchen design should also mean minimal maintenance. Creating a modern kitchen with high gloss kitchen doors doesn’t just point to the actual design, however, all aspects of the kitchen have to be considered.

Traditional doors tend to take more work to keep in top condition. The beauty of using high gloss kitchen doors is that they are incredibly easy to maintain. With a sprayed lacquered finish high gloss doors don’t need any more than a wipe down with a damp soft cloth to remove marks to stains. There is no need to spend hours meticulously cleaning these doors.

Minimal and modern design should incorporate your entire kitchen from the way in which it looks to the practical side of things as well. With high gloss kitchen doors, you get both at an affordable price.

Create That Modern Look

High gloss doors won’t necessarily create a modern design all by themselves.

To really capture the style of a modern kitchen you need to do a few other things as well. Keeping your worktops clear of clutter, colour matching appliances to the tone of your kitchen and also utilising stainless steel as much as you can will really help you to achieve a modern kitchen style.

When planning a design for a contemporary kitchen then make sure that there is plenty of storage space. As we mentioned you want to keep as much clutter off your worktops as possible and the key to achieving a modern design is to store everything away. If you really want to break the traditional mould then look at our blog post on How To Create A Killer Kitchen Accent.

High Gloss Kitchen Doors In Your Kitchen

For many people, a modern kitchen can seem soulless and be lacking in character. If done right the opposite is true.

High gloss kitchen doors are just the start of modernising your kitchen however they form a big part of creating the look that you want. Kitchen doors are often one of the first things people notice in your kitchen and with their shiny, mirror-like finish and dazzling colour you can take the step to moving from a traditional style to a more contemporary scheme.

Considering that high gloss kitchen doors start from as little as £9.54 per door or drawer you don’t even need to spend thousands to create a modern kitchen.

Will high gloss doors be fashionable a decade from now? Who knows but given their inexpensive price it is worth taking a punt on them today. Get in touch with our team today by visiting our contact us page or by calling us on 01765 640 000.