During 2020, the possibility of welcoming extended family and friends to your home for a good old knees-up has been a distant one since March. So, unless you were lucky enough to capitalise before then, it is very likely you haven’t welcomed anyone through your doors for the last 8 months!

But as we work towards a future that is as close to the normal we had, it may be useful to plan ahead and make your kitchen perfect for that first get together when it is safe to do so- as it will be a long time coming. At Kitchen Warehouse we like to think we look at things through a certain pair of rose-tinted spectacles, so here are some ways you can turn your kitchen into a perfect social space.

Set the mood with some unique lighting

By making your kitchen an entertainment space that can house visitors, you are inevitably opening up your kitchen to more eyes than just that of your household. Whether it be for better or for worse, people are going to judge your kitchen design in comparison to their own tastes! So why not make your kitchen stand out from the off and use some smart kitchen lighting to help perfectly complement the occasion.

Some hanging lights or versatile LED lights could be the way to go here, creating a spacious, even lighting effect throughout the room that will not be off-putting for your visitors.

Is open plan the way to go?

Many people believe if they are looking to make their kitchen space somewhere for social gatherings, they should make it as open plan as possible. But this is not necessarily always the case and is dependent on the size and original layout of your kitchen.

If you do decide to make your kitchen open plan, then it can have many benefits when it comes to hosting family or friends. It creates less of a restricted area for both yourself as a host and your guests to stand or sit. A larger space often makes people feel more comfortable in surroundings they are not familiar with, making your home far more appealing and welcoming.

But what if your space isn’t the most suited to open plan? Can you still make it work? Common sense should prevail here, with the lack of space restricting the number of guests you can have at any one time. Another potential drawback to an open plan kitchen space is the acoustics, with there being a higher chance of an audible echo in an open plan design, so it is worth keeping this in mind!

Think about seating

It is important to make your guests feel comfortable when you are hosting them, which is why you should think long and hard about how you are going to seat your guests. This could mean investing in a couch; a luxurious way of making people feel right at home.

Make sure you are aware of where you are placing your seating in comparison to the rest of your kitchen. To make the most of the space you have, look to seamlessly divide your kitchen into a work zone, eating zone and a zone made for socialising.

Is a kitchen island essential?

Many people think that a kitchen island is essential to successfully entertain guests in their kitchen, but is it really necessary? It can be a great bonus, creating a focal point where guests can sit, stand or place their food and drinks.

But if you are unable to install a kitchen island in your home, this is not an issue, as you can easily work around this. As long as you have some form of a table to house food or drinks or for people to sit at, you’re all set.

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