When the Kitchen Warehouse LTD was created we were focused on providing an alternative solution to the low quality kitchen units and replacement kitchen doors that were flooding the market.

If you look online for kitchen units or kitchen doors for example you are met with a whole range of different options.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we have worked tirelessly to offer an alternative to low quality kitchen units. Our products not only look good but function well too.

Rather than showing you some great replacement kitchen doors or giving you some design tips for your kitchen we want to show you what the Kitchen Warehouse LTD is all about.

We aren’t your average high street kitchen retailer.

Our Background

The Kitchen Warehouse LTD is a family run business based in Yorkshire, and the professional choice for premium kitchen cabinets at discounted prices.

For over a decade now we have put a lot of effort into producing the highest quality kitchens at sensible prices, addressing the issue of overpriced, poor quality kitchen units which are so widely available from many larger kitchen suppliers.

At our core we are a father and son partnership (Simon and Daniel Beadle) with local staff that have a lot of expertise.

This really helps to bring a sense of personal identity to our business and this is why clients keep coming back to us again and again.

Daniel was a a professional kitchen fitter for over seven years. When he started here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD it was with the intention of using his experience and practical knowledge to make the purchase of kitchen units an easier and more satisfactory process for customers.

We began manufacturing our own kitchen units the very same year with Daniels’ years of experience proving to be invaluable. With our combined experience of the industry, we have been able to face the challenges which can arise during the supply and manufacture of the highest quality kitchen units.

What We Do

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we provide high quality kitchen units, replacement kitchen doors as well as other accessories and kitchen upgrades.

In fact if you take a look around our kitchen unit range you will see just how diverse our collection is.

Are you looking for a traditional kitchen design that gives your kitchen a country or rustic feel? We can provide this for you.

Maybe you want a modern kitchen that is minimalist at heart and uses bright colours? We can provide this for you as as well.

It isn’t just complete kitchen units that we sell at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD.

Many people don’t have the funds to give their kitchen a complete makeover and this is why we also sell replacement kitchen doors. Our varied range of replacement kitchen doors allow our customers to improve their kitchen without having to undertake a complete renovation.

Our policy is to find the best solution for our customers based on what they want and also what their budget is.

Why We Are Different

The recession was a big turning point for us.

When we realised that many people were struggling for cash but needed their kitchen renovated we decided to change our focus.

If you know what kitchen units or replacement kitchen doors you want, you have the measurements and specifications then why should you have to pay the big mark up prices that many kitchen retailers put on what they sell?

Why not just deal directly with a trusted manufacturer?

We’ve noticed positive results with this approach too.

In fact, over the past years we’ve found that the average customer will save between £1,200 and £3,500 on kitchen quotations costing £6,000 to £20,000 from other suppliers, just by using a dedicated kitchen unit manufacturer like us. Not only are our prices more realistic for everyday home owners, but generally the quality of our products is far superior too.

Visit The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

We operate out of our warehouse and showroom located 22 miles north of Leeds.

From our Yorkshire location we manufacture and ship every product available here on our website, but we also have plenty more on show for those who visit us in person.

If you do visit us then don’t be confused by the fact that 3 of our staff members are called Daniel! All of the staff here at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD  are experienced in every aspect of the kitchen trade, from the best ways to maximise your space, to the most stylish units for your traditional or modern kitchen.

Our top priority is not to make a tidy profit but to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with the service and the product.

We know how daunting it can be to select and purchase a new kitchen, especially when most will last for over 20 years, so we’re happy to do all we can to help. Our reward is your satisfaction, and if you choose to tell your friends and family about your positive experience, then all for the better!

We have also grown on social media and our Facebook page is a great way to see our development as a company.

Get in contact with us right away to see how we can help you.