Finding a kitchen worktop to work with your new cabinets can take a little time and effort, after all, you want it to nicely complement your new kitchen space and look good for the long run. So, here’s what you need to consider when choosing a new worktop for your kitchen units.


No matter the material that you choose you’ll find that your work surface will need to be templated. This is the process where the materials are cut to fit the specific work surface area and fit in and around things like hobs and sinks among other things. Depending on the material you choose for the kitchen work surface, some will need to be cut out at the factory, while others can be cut in the kitchen by kitchen professionals. It’s important to remember that this will need to be done when organising and planning a kitchen.

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There are numerous materials used in kitchen worktops nowadays and we’re going to look at some of the most popular and discuss the pros and cons.


The granite worktop is one that’s become very popular in the last decade or so and it’s understandable why this is the case. Granite is strong and durable, ideal for making pastry on as it’s cool and also just looks beautiful. Every piece of granite is also completely different and there are so many varieties you’re sure to find one that will work for your kitchen. Granite does tend to chip and scratch easily, so chopping boards are a necessity when using it. Additionally, it’s also best to use trivets if placing hot pans on it as it does tend to mark from heat too.


Another beautiful stone that just looks fantastic and natural in a kitchen, marble is the perfect stone for adding a little something special to your kitchen. However, like granite, it does need a lot of care and it’s best to speak to someone specialising in it to learn how to properly care for it.


This man-made granite alternative provides a whole variety of benefits and is available in a whole array of colours and finishes. One of the great things about quartz is that it has a natural anti-bacterial protection that prevents a lot of problems. In addition, it is also highly stain resistant and very tough. We wouldn’t advise that you use a sharp knife on it to test our premise, but it’s possibly one of the most durable materials to use on an everyday basis. There are over 60 colours to choose from and it’s also a more affordable option than the two aforementioned.


If you’re looking for a material with a large amount of character then you should look little further than wood. Wood is the perfect work surface material for a beautiful classic or contemporary kitchen.

The great thing about wood is the variety there is to choose from, as well as the grain – which always looks beautiful. Oak, beech and bamboo, as well as other lesser-known woods such as wenge, are very popular nowadays for work surfaces.

Wood all comes with different grains and because of this, each piece is unique and also special in its own right. The downside of wood is that it requires a lot of care and love and maintenance is a must. For example, a lot of manufacturers of wooden work surfaces would advise that you oil it 3-4 times a year to ensure it looks great and stands the test of a hard kitchen life.


This man made surface is a great material in a number of ways. It can be created to produce a whole array of different shapes and patterns and also provides the sort of seamless finish people love in the modern kitchen. It’s also fantastic in that it can be added to create a seamless sink and make a whole kitchen look like it’s one piece. It’s also very hygienic as without cracks and crevices there is little room for bacteria to hide in this easy wipe down surface. Adding a flush fit hob to one of these lovely surfaces can result in a very attractive and beautiful seamless space.

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Things to Consider when choosing a New Kitchen Worktop

  • Thickness – mixing the profiles and depths of work surfaces can lead to a more attractive kitchen space and differentiates between zones. This can really be worked very well to achieve a streamlined look
  • Height – Different tasks require different heights, so altering the surface height depending on which is being used for what can help a lot. For example, the standard height is ideal for working at but probably not to have a kitchen bar at
  • Mixing and matching materials is a new trend and can create different textures and also ensures the right material is being used in the best place. You may wish to consider using a material that works with the kitchen cupboards, your new modern furniture and other parts of the home.

These tips should help you choose a kitchen work surface that will complement our work and look great in your kitchen space. If you have any questions get in contact with us or better still visit us at our showroom.