Over the past few years kitchens have undergone somewhat of a complete makeover. Today they are expected to serve as the heart of the home, where people not only cook, but additionally relax and entertain. As well as this shift in the way we use our kitchen space this room has also featured a breakdown in the barrier between our garden space and our inside space, so to this end here we look at six ways in which we can welcome the outdoors, in.

The ultimate way of inviting the outdoor in: A glass wall

For those who can afford it the ultimate way of blending outdoor space with our indoor area is to opt for a glass wall that slides back. And if you really want to go all out, both impact wise as well as budget wise, then you can opt for a glass ceiling to really make the most of the lighter, brighter summer months.

kitchen cabinetsDining inside, outside: Opting for a half conservatory

Another way of inviting the outdoors inside, but benefiting from the warmth and cover of the kitchen, is to opt for a half conservatory. Once more however this is also an option that comes with considerable expense. However, it can be a beautiful one. Adding some attractive conservatory furniture, some beautiful lighting and using us to help you design your kitchen will really make your space stand out.

Thinking about your window viewpoints

When working with your kitchen structures as they are you really need to carefully consider your windows. As a starting point you should ‘open’ them up as far as possible, which may mean opting for a pale, neutral colour for the walls and window sill that surrounds them, as well as removing any heavy blinds or curtains perhaps held up by rustic curtain rods like these. Following this you should look at the viewpoint beyond the window with the ultimate aim of creating a clear line into the furthest point in the distance.

You should also attempt to think about the natural lines within your kitchen with the ultimate aim of cupboards, and tables running down the kitchen adjacent to the garden space.

Crafting the perfect outdoor space

Your outdoor space should serve as an extension to your indoor space, and so crafting this area for relaxing and eating the food that you’ve cooked up within your kitchen is essential for making the most of both spaces.

So invest in some comfortable patio furniture that is perfect for both eating and entertaining and maintain any wooden decking through scrubbing down and polishing up each and every season.Here are some great tips on planting your outdoor space.

Opt for carefully selected materials

Harmonising the materials that you choose within both your indoor and outdoor spaces will help blend the two together, regardless of whether you have afforded the full glass wall or half conservatory. So opt for natural materials such as slate and wood and carry these from the worktops right through to the decking outside.

Don’t neglect your lighting levels

Many forget about the lighting levels when attempting to balance the kitchen with outdoor space, however the outdoors are, of course, subject to being far brighter than the average room during the summer months. So invest within spot lighting throughout the kitchen, and install a dimmer so that you can adjust the lighting throughout the day.

Bring the Garden Inside

A lot of people like to see their kitchen area as a direct extension of their garden area and this is perfectly understandable. If you have green fingers then a garden can be the perfect way to get more from your kitchen. Growing your own produce can really be a fantastic thing and can be truly a wonderful addition to the home. Whether it’s herbs, tomatoes, root vegetables or some potatoes, you can really add a lot more to your home by growing food outdoors. It can encourage and entice you to spend time wandering between the two and nipping in and out and this alone has the impact of bringing the outdoors indoors.

A kitchen and a garden area are often the two favourite places in the home and combining them can make them a lot greater than the sum of their parts. By encouraging light, greenery and an outdoor ethos indoors, you create that wonderful sort of space that really makes for a distinctive and also a very attractive kitchen.

If you are looking at help with your kitchen cabinets and trying to bring the outdoors indoors in your kitchen space then we can help you with that. We provide all sorts of wonderful kitchen cabinets and have done across the UK. So, why not get in touch with out expert kitchen crafts men and we’ll help you design the kitchen of your dreams at a great price.

Add Indoor Elements

What better way to bring the outdoors inside than with an indoor water feature. The whole natural feel of water inside a house creates a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and helps break down boundaries to the outside world.





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