There’s a lot to be said for being relaxed and if you can’t do so in your home, then where can you? The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and as such, it should be the most homely and enjoyable part of the household. So here at Kitchen Warehouse, we’re going to show you how to accomplish it and how to create a relaxed kitchen space.

Colours of your Kitchen Space

A kitchen space should be relaxed and should reflect the needs of a household. The requirements of a family are going to be very different from that of a singleton. Colours can be a great way to create a relaxed and less formal space. Lighter colours are especially popular nowadays and can be utilised to create a more relaxed area. Rather than having a pristine, white area – why not go for a few different colours in washable paints and a variety of textures that are easier to rub clean. For parents with children, this means there is less worry and this often reflects in an indirect way on how the home feels. So, consider paint type and other items in the space to help create a more chilled area.

Fusion TIFF FileOpen Cupboards or Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Depending on the sort of kitchen you want, considering open cupboards can be a great way to create a more relaxed space. Some people prefer the minimalist feel, however, others prefer a slightly more cluttered look. An open kitchen, that showcases shelving an all the items on it can really help create that more informal feel and also adds a lot of character to the home. By choosing attractive accessories, nicely packaged products and some other knickknacks you can easily make the most of this aesthetic and help create that more rustic feeling kitchen. Kitchen cupboard doors are lovely but it’s nice to change things up.

Mixed Furnishings

Older pieces of furniture can really have a lot more character and bundled together can really make for that great relaxed feeling. Purchasing a variety of different furniture that you love and adding it over time to your kitchen space makes for an interesting and also fun area. The mixture of textures and the different sorts of colours will make the room feel more relaxed and more intriguing, as well as give it a far more retro look.

Choosing no fuss, comfy items that’s plainspoken and not too precious or delicate will help with this. Adding pillows and nice fabrics and accessories also help with this agenda.

Separate Areas

As a lot of people tend to relax in the kitchen, having a lounge area is often a nice addition if you have space. Adding a couch, coffee table and some armchairs to create a space like this can have notable benefits for the home and really provide the relaxing sort of space that many people really relish in the home.  This area can be used for drinks with friends, watching TV or just general life and lounging around on a sofa and unlike a separate room, allow the whole family to be together at one time. If you have the space for a dining area in the kitchen too, then it allows the family to be together in an open plan space for large parts of the day ( if they wish to). It’s easy to break it up with some different coloured rugs, different sets of furniture or different sorts of lighting in the different areas.

Clean Lines

Choosing items with clean lines can be a big help and by doing so you can be sure you are creating a soothing and more relaxed feel. When looking for furniture or your kitchen design then it’s best to remember this as it can be a simple and effective way to ensure you get that relaxed feel that you so desire.

Kitchen cabinets for extra storage.

Housing utensils or accessories that aren’t used daily will help to de-clutter your work surfaces.


If you have pets or children, removing rugs can be a great idea. Yes, rugs add softness to a room, but they can also add fuss. Additionally, if you have pets and children they can be the cause of all sorts of trouble and make for a higher maintenance space that needs a lot more cleaning. Remember, this is the kitchen – accidents happen. Love the Sales have a good selection of fabulous rugs to prevent damage and marks on your floor.

Dishware Open or Closed Kitchen Cupboard Doors

The dishware you use also says a lot about the kitchen, this is especially the case if you have open shelving. Of course, kitchen cupboard doors are also an option.

Choosing simple dishware can really help the space and makes it a lot less busy visually. Stack all of these items together and you create a very attractive and informal feel. This makes space feel less try hard and more chilled, yet still a little busy and not fussily minimalist. It allows for some cohesion but doesn’t require you to have a stringently fussy kitchen.

Creating a relaxed space for the family is very important and these tips are here to help you ensure that you can create the feeling that you want. We can help you in doing so and if you want help why not get in touch.

All of our salespeople are kitchen fitters and so we can discuss your needs, wants and designs with you. So, why not get in contact now.