The Great British summer is all about backyard barbeques, patio parties and lazy afternoons under the blissful blue skies. But as we well know, it is one of the most unpredictable seasons of the year, so you can’t always count on the weather to give you the preferred forecast.

In which case, why not bring some of the magic of summer into your home?

Creating a summer kitchen is a great way of maximising your enjoyment of the great indoors throughout the whole year! Even when things take a turn for the worst outdoors, there’s nothing to stop you making the most of the season… any season.

As far as the UK’s leading interior designers are concerned, these are the most effective ways of creating a welcoming summer vibe in the very heart of the modern home:

Maximise natural light

If there’s a way of maximising natural light in and around your kitchen, it’s definitely something you should be doing. The strategic installation of mirrors, glass and shiny surfaces often make all the difference. Choosing reflective kitchen cabinetry such as high gloss units can help to reflect light around the kitchen, giving the appearance of space.

It’s also worth considering choosing lighter window dressing and door coverings if your kitchen opens out to an exterior space – nothing says summer like billowing white muslin! Or why not get creative and bring that summer feeling by adding snazzy blinds with summer prints, the possibilities and truly endless.

Cabinets, doors, and drawers

Breathing new life into the kitchen can also be as easy as sprucing up your kitchen doors. One option is to replace them entirely, or you could simply undertake a weekend DIY project and paint them yourself. Once again, thank about the kinds of bright and breezy summer colours that have light and warmth written all over them. Pale yellows, greens, blues, and classic whites all add to the summer vibe of a contemporary kitchen.

Alternatively, why not choose some interesting summer-themed kitchen door handles. Upgrading your door handles can be a great way of changing the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank, offering a subtle way of giving your space a new and refreshed look.

Floor coverings

You might also want to consider the effect your kitchen’s floor covering is having on the room’s vibe. There are certain floors that naturally bring a welcoming and upscale feel to the modern kitchen – lighter-coloured stone floors, colourful tiles, marble slabs and so on. Even switching to a brighter and fresher laminate floor covering could do the trick at a fraction of the price. The more natural and “outdoorsy” it looks, the better.

Another summer kitchen idea trend is to bring the outside in by choosing the same flooring for both the kitchen and outside area. This both gives an illusion of space and makes the two spaces flow seamlessly. Natural stone materials or porcelain tiles in exterior grades are a great choice.

Enhance and accessorise

If you don’t want to take things to the extreme, you can always focus on the smaller features and decorative touches around the kitchen. Simply swapping out a good few kitchen accessories for more attractive alternatives can make a real difference. Kitchen sinks and taps, door handles, blinds, curtains, splashbacks and so on – anything that brings brightness and life into your kitchen works!

Even little details such as changing the colour of kettles, tea towels and even carefully selected art can ring in seasonal changes in your kitchen. Think bright vibrant colours, or pretty pastels when accessorising.

Use Lighting

If you’re looking to link the kitchen with outside space, do make sure that you consider how the lighting flows through both areas. Consider your garden or patio space to be an extension of your kitchen and light as a specific zone. Clever use of outside up-lighters or garden lighting spikes mixed with low level or under unit lighting inside can make the kitchen and garden appear to marge into one glorious space.

Consider dotting matching candles throughout your inside and outside spaces as the sun sets, to give a romantic, relaxed vibe.

Plants and Greenery

Last but not least, nothing brings the beauty and freshness of the outdoors indoors quite like a liberal spread of plants and greenery. Particularly during the summer months, a vibrant array of plants and flowers around the kitchen can transform the vibe and ambience of the entire room.

Why not set yourself up with a few window boxes and grow your own herbs? A great way of filling your kitchen with the fresh fragrances of summer throughout the year.


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