There’s just something so comforting and relaxing about a rustic, country-style kitchen. It reminds us of home-cooked soups, baking bread and family nights sitting around the kitchen table drinking tea and wine while chatting and laughing in a room full of warmth; oblivious to the rain and wind outside.

Thankfully, having a rustic kitchen these days doesn’t mean you have to get all basic and home-made (well, just with the food!). No, there are plenty of gorgeous shaker kitchen units around that are luxury, quality produced and fit the bill perfectly.

Wooden cream-coloured kitchen cabinets

Take the Wilton Oakgrain Dakkar Kitchen (pictured below) for instance, with its distinctive panelling and old-school metal drawer and door handles. The off-cream colour of these beautiful kitchen units fit in beautifully with the light pine kitchen beams on the ceiling and the mottled grey slate tiles in the picture. The glossy worktops too have a similar mottled grey pattern and colouring, tying the whole kitchen together nicely. Yep, there’s no denying this room is both modern and full of country charm.

Plate racks and open shelving

The plate rack and open shelving on the wall above the coffee maker gives off a cosy cottage vibe, as does the huge Aga with fireplace surround and decorative country-style plates – making it look like an updated old-fashioned range.

We love the contemporary matt subway tiles in cream above the Aga, with the names of herbs subtly sculpted into them and which are then randomly placed so that the design doesn’t look too neat. As a result, it has a more authentic feel for this delightful kitchen.

Plenty of herbs and fruit around 

Just like a string of onions or garlic hanging from a beam above a central kitchen table is reminiscent of French, Spanish or Italian country-style kitchens, herbs and fruit has the same effect for our English country version. And, for a very contemporary take on it all, there is absolutely no harm whatsoever in having plenty of glass spice jars – with their bright, colourful contents – around either. This is obviously a rustic, country-style kitchen where curry play a large part! And, talking of food and drink, just how refreshing do those lemons look on the counter in the picture above? It’s enough to make you consider going off and making some fresh home-made lemonade right now…

Old-fashioned clock and other ‘timely’ accessories

The large round wooden clock, with Roman numerals instead of numbers and plain cream unadorned background is perfect too for this Wilton Oakgrain Kakkar kitchen. So too is the light green water pitcher – both add that old-fashioned, rustic element. To add balance, the contemporary look is again picked up with the polka dot bowls and cups in the open shelving, as well as the modern espresso maker underneath.

Thankfully, we don’t have floral country cottage curtains in this contemporary rustic country-style kitchen. No more dusty fabric which collects cooking smells; instead there is a lovely, stylish plain cream blind (rather than a cliched, ditsy-style floral pattern). There is enough pattern in the kitchen cabinetry without having to add it anywhere else, after all. In the words of many an accomplished interior designer – “less is more.”

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