As the weather heats up most of our thoughts will turn to spending as much time as possible enjoying the sunshine. Here in Britain the lure of an outdoor party is something that no-one can resist and for the host there is a desire to make it as good as possible.

But how do you make sure that you throw the ultimate outdoor party? Let us give you our top tips for everything that you need.

It all starts in the kitchen

kitchen cupboardsThe key to a great outdoor party has to be great food and where does great food come from? The kitchen of course. Even if you plan to cook up a storm on the charcoal the chances are that you will need to start the process in the oven just to make sure that all the food you are serving is cooked well.

There is also all the preparation work needed. Salad, bread, sauces and of course any cocktails (or soft drinks) that you want to indulge in. All of these things work better when done in the kitchen then if you were to try and do them in the garden.

Take it to the BBQ

Once the flames have gone out on the BBQ it is time to get cooking. There are a variety of different types of BBQ’s out there to pick from. It really does depend on what your own personal preference is. The main two are Gas and Charcoal.

Gas BBQ’s are the most popular type of outdoor cooking appliance and most of the time they run on botted propane gas. They are easy to use and cook up a variety of foods quickly and thoroughly.

That said, whilst some people are happy with ease, others prefer the flavour that only a charcoal BBQ can bring. These types of BBQs use charcoal briquettes as fire power to cook the food. They are more time consuming than a gas BBQ but there really is nothing that beats the smoky taste of food cooked on them. Here are some of the best.

Add a little heat

By this we don’t mean with a spicy sauce, instead we are talking about ensuring that there is something to keep your guests warm if the evening turns a little chilly.

Patio heaters are often the popular choice, they simply plug in and are ready to go. Kicking out plenty of warmth so that you can keep the party going.

Alternatively, for more of an impact why not go for a fire pit over a patio heater. Once they are lit up they stay alight for some time and are the ideal place to gather round and enjoy those last few hours left in the day.

Failing that, why not just pop a few blankets outside for people to wrap up in as the cold kicks in. Cheap, simple and effective.

Don’t forget the entertainment

Any good party relies on the entertainment that you provide the guests. You don’t need to employ an all singing, all dancing circus but there are things you can do to make sure those who attend have fun.

Outdoor games are popular, Jenga, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, even croquet are all great fun and bring people together.

If you have a bit more cash to spare, then why not push the boat out and purchase an inflatable hot tub. They can be a bit on the costly side but they are garden items that just keep giving with many people choosing to chill out in the tub throughout the summer.

A place to sit

One of the biggest problems with an outdoor party is that there often isn’t enough places to sit for all your guests.

There are lots of different garden furniture options out there. From simple loungers right up to entire suites. If you want to make things simple for yourself then why not purchase some large floor cushions as additional seating. These are not only comfortable but easy to store too meaning that you can bring them out whenever you need to. Heating may also be a necessity, especially if the night goes on for a while – a bon fire is a good idea or even hire some gas heaters from Bestathire.

Have things on ice

When the temperate is heating up there is nothing more refreshing then a nice cold drink.

Make sure your kitchen fridge is stocked up with both soft and alcohol drinks ready for your guests to grab, or if you would rather that they stay outside rather than coming in and out of the house you could always set up an ice bucket in the garden. Just make sure that you keep it topped up otherwise you run the risk of a bucket full of warm water and equally warm drinks.

Throwing an outdoor party is a great way to celebrate everything that is wonderful about summer. Whether it is a quaint tea party for a few friends or a big garden blow out with plenty of guests you can be sure to have a whole heap of fun in the sunshine!

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