There’s nothing quite like a kitchen refit to breathe new life into almost any home. At the same time, major kitchen refurbishments can be complex, costly and dauntingly disruptive.

But here’s the good news – transformative kitchen makeovers don’t have to be expensive. Nor do they have to disrupt the flow of everyday life, if you set your sights on simpler weekend projects you can get a new look without the high price tag.

Best of all, the most simple yet effective kitchen updates can be performed without outside help. No contractor involvement, no specialist equipment needed and no experience necessary – you simply need to know your way around a toolbox.

If you are looking to update your kitchen on a budget, the following combine maximum impact with minimal input:

A Fresh Coat of Paint for your kitchen

First up, there is no renovation you can perform quite as transformative as a fresh coat of paint. Changing the main colour used in your kitchen can make all the difference in the world – even if the change is relatively subtle. Painting the kitchen is not just about updating the colour, but also hiding those inevitable scuffs, scratches and marks that have accumulated over time.

If preferred, consider going for something relatively neutral with just the odd ‘pop’ of colour here and there. Perhaps in the form of a feature wall, or simply a contrasting colour for skirting boards, door frames and other details – all of which really can make a huge difference.

When choosing to refresh your kitchen with a lick of paint, be sure to choose a paint type that is suitable for the kitchen. As an area where moisture is likely to be in the air, ensure that your paint is durable. Your kitchen will often need cleaning, so often a gloss or satin finish is easiest to keep clean.

New kitchen doors on a budget

Upgrade your kitchen

There are two options available where your cabinet doors are concerned. The first of which is to take precise measurements and order replacement cabinet doors, in any colour and style you like. This is an exceptionally simple kitchen improvement project, involving little more than the removal and replacement of a few screws.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have a huge range of replacement kitchen doors for you to choose from. So whether you are simply looking to get an up to date version of your existing style, or perhaps want to transform your look by adding modern handless doors, or a high gloss look, at long as your existing carcass is in good condition, you can create an entirely new look without the expense of a total kitchen makeover.

The second option is to paint or stain your current kitchen cabinet doors a new colour. If you have wooden kitchen cabinet doors, you can sand away the existing paint to give you a fresh surface to play with. Or perhaps, simply sand the surface lightly to create a slightly rough surface, which the paint will adhere to better.

Update Your Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen door handles

Of course, there is also an even simpler third option, which is to replace the hardware on your cabinets. But don’t stop there – add matching hardware to the rest of your drawers, your cabinets and everywhere else to create a new look in your kitchen on a budget.

This is a prime example of where a small change can add up to a big difference.

To bring a homely style to your kitchen consider traditional handles which add a touch of the past to your kitchen design. Whether you opt for traditional back plate handles, or a rounded handle, they can bring an entirely new element to your kitchen style.

For a more modern look, our range of contemporary handles can be added to your kitchen cabinets to give a completely up to date look.

While updating handles can provide a transformation in terms of the aesthetic of your kitchen, opting to update hinges on drawers can help to make your kitchen more durable. Soft-close drawers are designed with modern living in mind, making your kitchen more peaceful, but also ensuring the longevity of kitchen drawers.

A New Sink or taps 

expensive looking kitchen sink

The same as the above applies to the kitchen sink, which can be removed and replaced in its entirety to revamp the kitchen. Add a traditional element to your kitchen with a ceramic sink, which evokes the feeling of times past. Or bring a touch of modernity with a coloured kitchen sink.

Alternatively, you could simply swap out the current tap and mixer for something new. Simply changing brasswear in your sink can add an element of drama to your kitchen design.

While you’re at it, consider how further subtle tweaks around the kitchen could help bring together its new look. Replacement light switches, new plug sockets and so on – all easy and affordable ways to bring a new visual dynamic into your kitchen.

Install a glass splashback

Shy of painting or tiling your walls, nothing will bring a more eye-catching look into your kitchen than a vibrant glass splashback. Bespoke splashbacks can be ordered in any shape, size and design imaginable, customised to order and made to measure. Choose from a wide variety of colours, go for a mirrored splashback or have your own custom graphics printed on the material – it’s entirely up to you.

Splashbacks are particularly easy to install, following the same basic principles as fitting a single large tile. You simply add the adhesive to the wall, press it into place and seal around the edges – the job done in a matter of minutes. After which, your kitchen benefits from not only a fantastic new look, but also an added layer of protection for your walls.

Replace your kitchen counters

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There’s a little more effort involved in this one, as removing an existing countertop can be quite laborious. This is due to the fact that countertops are quite heavy and typically call for at least one additional pair of hands, in order to negotiate them safely out of the home. Nevertheless, it is (usually) a straightforward job that calls for no specific knowledge or experience.

Gorgeous new countertops can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be. You can spend a fortune on granite and marble, or you can opt for something that replicates the effects for a fraction of the price. As one of the most prominent features in the kitchen, a new countertop can radically alter the look and feel of the entire space.

Upgrade Your Lighting

good lighting 3

The sky is the limit when it comes to the options available for kitchen lighting upgrades. You can bring a pendant light into the space as a central feature, you can install recessed lighting to make your kitchen feel more spacious or you can bring accent lighting in the space to accent its most attractive features.

Countertop lighting and LED strip lights for the kitchen can also be great, functioning as practical task lights while also boosting its visual appeal. If you currently count on a single super-bright light source, spreading a bunch of lower-intensity lighting sources about the space is worth considering.

New Window Treatments for the kitchen

All too often overlooked, a kitchen’s window treatments make a major contribution to its aesthetic appeal. Conventional curtains can be great, but can also be difficult to keep clean and hygienic.

For the kitchen, window blinds and shutters are unbeatable. Easy to clean with a quick wipe, they also make it much easier to control light absorption, privacy, ventilation and so on. Your dream kitchen blinds/shutters can also be customised with just about any colour, design or finish you can think of.

Go Minimalist

update kitchen look on a budget

Looking to refresh your kitchen without spending a penny? Not a problem – why not consider the minimalist approach? One of the best ways of enhancing the presentation and practicality of a kitchen is to simply can the clutter. It’s a job that involves taking a look around the kitchen and removing everything from sight that does not need to be there.

Small appliances, utensils, pots, pans, plates, decorative adornments – all stored neatly away and out of view. Along with creating a sleek and modern look for the kitchen, this approach can also make the entire space so much easier to keep clean and sanitary.

Hang a Ceiling Rack

green a good colour

Last up, a ceiling rack can be great for improving the practicality of a smaller kitchen and is a great way to add space and update your kitchen on a budget. The same can also be said for wall-mounting shelving, and anything else that enables you to make use of the vertical space you have available.

The smaller the kitchen, the greater the importance of getting creative where storage solutions are concerned. Hidden storage spaces behind cupboards, ceiling-height cabinets, over-fridge cupboards and so on – let no square inch of your smaller kitchen go to waste.


At Kitchen Warehouse, our ethos is to bring great-looking kitchens to you at an affordable price. So whether you are looking to completely update all of your kitchen units, or simply want to replace your kitchen doors, we have a wealth of options to suit all budgets.


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