Minimalism is a hugely attractive décor trend that is all the rage at the moment. Don’t be tricked into opting for this particular aesthetic due to an urge to keep things simple, however – minimalism can be deceptively difficult to achieve! When it’s done well, though, the elegant lines and sparse furnishings used can offer a truly beautiful look, and really add a sense of art to the look of your kitchen that cannot be compared to any other school of design.

It’s always best to continue the feel of peaceful simplicity throughout your home when opting for any level of minimalism – ensuring that any potential clutter is easy to store away, and the materials you’ve chosen are straightforward to clean – otherwise the integrity of the aesthetic will be lost. This goes doubly for your kitchen, as it’s impossible to cook without creating dirt, grease and stains, so surfaces that are easy to clean are vital here. Clever space saving solutions such as corner cupboards can also help you to retain all of your implements and appliances too, without having anything untidy or unattractive on show.

Read on for a few more tips from Kitchen Warehouse on how to create the perfect minimalist kitchen.

Use Simple Designs

Minimalism usually works best when basic, unfussy shapes and smooth lines combine. Try not to choose furnishings that are overly detailed or elaborate, though one or two pieces like this can look great against a really subtle backdrop. Forego panelling details on cabinets, and opt for pin straight kitchen doors and worktops that finish flush with the edges of units to create bold square silhouettes. Try using symmetry – for example, placing a single island right in the middle of the space and surrounding it on all sides with a horseshoe of wall kitchen units makes for a picture perfect floor plan.

Another great idea is to opt for handleless kitchen doors, as tactile, unbroken lines will look really striking and work superbly within this particular school of design.

When it comes to the finish, both matte kitchens and gloss kitchens stand up well in the world of minimalism. Matte surfaces offer a smooth, simple, rich touch that draws the eye to the shape of an item rather than the smaller details, while gloss works well with thoughtful lighting design – reflecting the glow from your fittings, complementing their arrangement and making the space appear larger and brighter without extra fussy details.

Choose Patterns and Colours Wisely

Sharp lines will always work best in minimalist design, so opting for monochrome tiling with stark white grout in between is always an attractive choice. Exposed brick behind monochrome or metallic fixtures and fittings is also wildly popular, as the industrial design trend shows no signs of slowing down and ties in perfectly with minimalism. Triangles, hexagons and other geometric shapes in mattes or metallics offer intriguing finishing touches when it comes to super simple wall art (though walls should be kept bare to as great an extent as is possible) or flagstones.Minimalist Kitchen Designs

The best idea is to stick to two colours religiously throughout the roomB and try to ensure they do not contrast too dramatically. If you really want a splash of something slightly louder, try using a bold block of colour on just one wall of the room, or on just one unit or surface. This will offer a sense of warmth and fun to the space without detracting from the general feeling of blissful simplicity.

Include Practical Features and Accessories

In minimalist spaces, functional design is key – and this functionality spreads far beyond looks. Use slow-closing doors to maintain a sense of elegance in mobility and prevent any stressful clattering. Opt for ingenious storage choices and kitchen accessories that are there to be used, not just to be looked at. Choose kettles and utensils that look like simple, striking works of art, and keep them on display as ornaments as well as useful practical items. Racks, hooks and shelving can be adorned with wonderfully symmetrical arrangements and patterns of pans, jars and cookbooks. A single wax-leafed plant or soft coloured succulent here and there always offers a sweet, organic addition to the space.

Remove clutter still further and opt for a breakfast bar instead of a table, with elegant tall stools or chairs in unfussy, super simple designs – either painted in a matte colour or left with a pale, unvarnished wood finish such as scots pine or maple.

When it comes to crockery, the major current trends tend to fall into two categories: smooth, organic and tactile (think pebbles on a beach) or sharp and angular. Square plates and slate have long been connected with the minimalist look, but broad, shallow bowls in natural colours and Japanese-style handleless kiln-fired ceramic cups also offer a sense of simple beauty that will really finish off the space.

One of the most important things to remember about minimalism is that everything is exposed. Every ill-fitting joint, break in the grain and accidental scuff mark will really draw the eye and look a million times worse when the overall aim is simplicity, so it’s vital to take your time and ensure that you prepare as well as you can. Choosing high-quality materials will also make everything that little bit better. Be picky and be prepared to redo things if they don’t come out just right, as this is what makes the difference between a “nod” to minimalism and achieving the real deal.

For a little more inspiration on your quest for perfect minimalist kitchen design, why not visit the Kitchen Warehouse LTD showroom at Hutton Moor Farm, Hutton Conyers, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5LZ – or call our friendly team to see what advice we may be able to offer you? The number to phone is 01765 640 000, or you can contact us via You can also browse through the beautiful kitchen designs in our gallery to see how we’ve done things in the past.

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