Many people desire a fresh and light look when renovating or refurbishing their kitchen, but it’s often difficult to decide exactly how to achieve this. After all, there are so many styles, colours and finishes out there, that it’s sometimes really hard to know where to start!

One very simple way to give your space a touch of vibrancy and a splash of airy colour is to opt for a shade of duck egg blue as part of your overall chosen palette. Not dissimilar to sky blue, this hue is soft and not too cold coloured, meaning that it’s largely welcoming and attractive to the masses. Duck egg kitchens are particularly popular in typical French and Swedish interior décor – so its popularity is only growing as these particular schools of design is becoming increasingly in vogue.

The colour pigment for this particular shade was discovered in the latter end of the 19th Century and is regularly mixed with white or grey to adjust the tone to be softer, darker or paler. The colour is also known as robin egg blue, and a brighter, more vibrant shade is utilised as tiffany blue – the super stylish signature colour of accessories and shopping bags created by famed jewellers Tiffany & Co.

So how can you create the perfect duck egg blue kitchen? The specialists at Kitchen Warehouse have a few tips so you can make a better informed decision on whether this shade is for you. You can then start to implement your own duck egg blue kitchen ideas and make your dreams a reality!

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Units

If your plan is to brighten your whole kitchen with this attractive shade, why not select duck egg blue kitchen units throughout? The lighter colours you use across your whole space, the brighter and more spacious it will look. You could choose duck egg blue for all of your units, or contrast it with a white, dove grey or natural wood (preferably with a greyish tint) for either your overhead cabinets or floor level cupboards.


White, grey or natural wood kitchen units with duck egg blue surfaces is a unique and eye-catching option. Again, it will create a sense of greater space and instantly brighten the room. This illusion of a larger room is one that many homeowners strive for, as it gives those inside the comfort and freedom knowing they can move around a presumably bigger space. One of the great things about the shade is that because it’s pale, you’ll be able to see dirt more easily due to its pale colour and wipe it away quickly, preventing the spread of bacteria. Although more regular cleaning of your kitchen might not be appealing on the face of it, it ensures that you’re living in a much more hygienic space and will also keep that glisten and shine for much longer!


It is also possible to choose kitchen doors that contrast with your existing units, which will help you to save money if the main bodies of your cupboards and kitchen cabinets are still in a good condition. We understand that a full kitchen refurbishment can prove to be quite expensive. This is why we want to help you save money in every way possible, without having you cut any corners when it comes to quality.

If you reckon the colour you already have will go well with new duck egg kitchen doors, all you need to invest in are the doors themselves. Otherwise, you may want to treat, paint or finish your units in a way that works more successfully with the shade.


Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Units

A subtle and attractive way to bring your kitchen to life with a splash of bright, light blue is by applying tiles in that colour while furnishing the other elements of the room in a more subtle hue. The wall around the oven and the hob splashback is often a popular spot for tiles, or you can apply them to other areas to which you wish to draw visitors’ attention. On this one, the choice is yours. We all know that tiles make an attractive addition to any kitchen, so be sure to check out all of your favourite finishes before deciding on your favourite.

You don’t even have to create a solid block of coloured tiles – carefully interspersing them throughout larger sections of white or another colour will offer occasional splashes of colour that creates ongoing interest throughout the space.


It is always fun to make a feature of the more functional items in your kitchen, and an elegant duck egg blue fridge, oven or stove will bring a sense of style to elements that could otherwise look mundane or unattractive. Match all of your appliances in the same hue for occasional bursts of colour throughout the space.

This will help create a pleasing aesthetic that you will look forward to living in for many years to come.


An even more subtle option is to furnish with items, artworks and kitchen accessories in duck egg blue. This turns them into focal points and utilises your units and surfaces as a soft backdrop for them. Kettles, tea sets, pan sets, plant pots, utensils, aprons, oven gloves, tea towels, rugs, and plenty more are available in this tone. Whatever you can get your hands on is immediately enhanced if it comes in duck egg blue and can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

It’s currently right on trend, so you won’t have to look far for the finishing touches you need. These accessories can be purchased to match or complement your kitchen doors and worktops, the choice is yours!

Extras and Design

Duck egg kitchens are ideal for creating a clean vibe in your kitchen, and wooden kitchen worktops can be used to add a traditional, countryside feel to the room. Any parts in your kitchen that need changing should reflect the overall design, so if you require a radiator cover, for example, you should opt for a light-coloured timber design. Ideally, you should use as close to the colour of the walls as possible, which should also apply to storage options such as a plate or white rack.

If you want to further create a country vibe for your kitchen you should for one of our ceramic undermount or overmount kitchen sinks as opposed to other metal or granite designs.

Flooring and Wall Decoration

Neutral colours tend to work well for kitchen flooring, as they don’t distract attention away from the main colour scheme you are looking to achieve. You could opt for stone or slate tiles or laminate flooring; we recommend you try to keep the overall design of the room as simple as possible.

To really compliment your duck egg units you could paint your walls in a lighter colour – off-white looks great. It also helps to make the room feel bigger and brighter, which can be a huge benefit especially if it’s small or lacks natural light.

duck egg blue kitchen

Where to Begin 

You can get a duck egg blue kitchen that comes in a myriad of different shades, so it’s best to first find out the ones you’re most interested in and try them out. After all, changing the colour of your kitchen can be quite a commitment, so it’s worth going through and finding the very best around that suits your preferences and requirements. The majority of hardware shops will provide you with paint, tile samples or colour swatches, which is a great way to find out what a colour looks like in “real life”, as it’s often difficult to judge from a picture. This makes it far easier to visualise what the finished design will be like, confirming that your choice was the right (or wrong!) one.

Once you’ve decided how you wish to incorporate duck egg blue into your design, the next step is to start hunting down your chosen products, swatches, and samples in hand. If you’re interested in colourful units or doors, it’s definitely best to take a look around showrooms to see those items “in the flesh” and compare them with your chosen shade.

You can always ask a sales assistant for their ideas, inspiration, and advice. Any reputable company will employ individuals who are helpful, knowledgeable, happy to offer their honest opinion and answer in full any questions or queries you might bring to them.

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You’ll also always find a helpful team member nearby to assist you, so your experience with us will always be straightforward and stress-free. Our experts are always on hand to provide their opinion and high level of industry knowledge, should you need it. So if you’re torn between two or more of our products and don’t know how to decide which to go for, getting in touch with us may give you the answer you need.

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