Changing the style of your home can be a headache. You know that you want something different but you are not sure what. To help you out, the Kitchen Warehouse team have taken a look at one of the most popular 21st-century styles to emerge in recent years – the industrial kitchen design.

It is characterised by some really striking features that give it an ultra-modern edge. In fact, creating an industrial style is actually not that difficult and we are going to show you 3 things that you can do to achieve it and reinvent your home.

Open Brick Walls

A real fundamental with this style is to have open brick walls as it creates a truly industrial edge to the room.

Bare brick walls and concrete floors are fundamental to this look and while in other styles they can seem massively out of place and almost make the room feel neglected, in an industrial kitchen design they are paramount to starting an urban look. Ventilation pipes, exposed wood and grey tiles are all parts of this style as well.

What you want to create is a real rustic feeling that does not feel too lifeless but also does not scream loud colours either.

Create A Lot Of Space

This might not be possible in many kitchens and while you can still achieve the industrial look in a small room, having a lot of open space is a hallmark of this style.

It plays on a factory type ideal of large open spaces illuminated by either natural or artificial light. Create wide gaps between the kitchen island and the worktops as well as the different appliances such as the oven and the fridge. You want the room to seem as big as possible.

An industrial kitchen design should feel spacious and open with large gaps and room to move.

Metal Appliances And Utensils

Industrial Kitchen design

Finally, you can achieve the urban and industrial look by investing in metal utensils, appliances, kitchen accessories and even worktops.

You want to have a shiny, light but not too colourful style to your kitchen so look at stainless steel and other metals for your utensils and your oven. Even your sink can use stainless steel to really top up this effect. Another good idea is to have open shelving on your exposed brick walls and place metal items to further add to the design.

Remember that you are after a real factory feel to your kitchen so anything that is exposed and made from metal should fit in well here.

Industrial Kitchen Design

The style is not for everyone and in many traditionally designed homes, it can look really out of place.

That being said, by going for this ultra-modern urban style you will be joining a growing trend that is bringing the industrial look back into the mainstream. Kitchens that have an abundance of natural light can really achieve the loft effect which further enhances the industrial design.

For those of you that want to move away from the more traditional elements of a modern kitchen, the industrial look offers an urban, modern and striking look for your home. Visit our kitchen showroom in Ripon or alternatively contact us by calling 01765 640 000 or by emailing