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As the saying goes “women make good cooks, but men make even better chefs”  Putting the inaccuracy of this statement to one side it does provide us with an important piece of information and that is the way that we look at the role of women and men in the kitchen.  Traditionally, women are seen to be the head chef of family cooking, in a more elaborate kitchen within a fancy restaurant setting they are not donned suitable candidates for the position, but why? Kitchen Warehouse investigates.

Chefs, as well as being fantastic cooks carry high expectations and are seen as the person to control their staff and high on the list of attributes is a good set of lungs, not exactly in the eyes of a traditionalist a trait that is classed as feminine.  Did you know that the Culinary Institute of America which is regarded as one of America’s most acclaimed schools of culinary did not welcome women into their schools until the year 1970?  Nowadays food colleges around the world are filled with women, what difference a few years make!

For many decades, women have fought towards equality in all aspects of their life and it is very true that this trend has followed through to the kitchen.  Female chefs have certainly shown the world what they are capable of and have thrived in a male-dominated industry.

We take a look at some of the most famous female chefs that have completely changed the way that we look at cooking.  Hopefully, these ladies will inspire you to take action and head to your kitchen at home, following your passion and exploring your creative side.

The lady that made it as a chef in the man’s world

Clare Smyth is the first female chef in Britain to run a restaurant that has three Michelin stars.  Achieving this alone has been a fantastic achievement for Clare, but in addition to this Clare is the head chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.  With her passion for food and a positive attitude, she has clearly demonstrated she has what it takes to succeed in this man’s world.  She admits herself that this is a testosterone-driven sector but she is very proud to be a female chef that is fully capable of getting things done while bringing a feminine edge to her award-winning food.

Cooking with passion

Julia Child is an American household chef well known for bringing French cuisine to the American market.  Oozing with confidence and love of experimenting with different tastes and styles she puts her passion miles ahead of perfection.  She may have started her cooking career late, at the age of thirty-seven but her personality has put her in a position of being one of the most loved chefs in the world.

Since becoming a bestselling food author she has brought her cooking skills to the TV and presented The French Chef laying the groundwork for changing attitudes towards women and the world of cooking, not to mention being one of the first programmes that experimented with food.  A loved female chef that was adored by millions has inspired the chefs of the future; women and men alike.

Love for local and organic food

Alice Waters Commonly associated as being the inventor of California food not only had a passion for French cooking but also had a love for fresh, local, organic produce.  Her first restaurant, Chez Panisse opened its doors in the year 1971 and made a huge statement by offering its guests a five-course set menu using only the finest and freshest produce that she had sourced herself from the community of local farmers in the areas who gave her mainly organic food.

An inspiration to many, she has stayed true to her beliefs by providing healthy and organic food into the restaurant environment.  She was one of few people that were able to bring local and organic produce into the mainstream world of cooking.

Breaking stereotypes

Cristeta Comerford Originally from the Philippines, Cristeta moved to the United States where she worked as a trainee in the industry that would hope that she would one day be successful at.  Little did she know that her first job would lead to big success for her.  In 2005 she was selected by First Lady Laura Bush, as the first woman ever to be selected to be the Executive Chef at The White House.  To this job, she brought passion and creativity.  With her ability to bring together great meals and her talent as an accomplished chef led to Michelle Obama asking her to continue.  If you were to take a look at her Facebook page you would quickly come to the conclusion that she firmly believes in making the impossible happen.

From a tiny kitchen in Paris

Rachel Khoo A creative chef originally from London uses a combination of creativity with her knowledge of social media to establish a mystique intake into cooking, quickly establishing herself as a successful chef.

Her love of food carried her to Paris where she remarkably opened her own restaurant within her flat where she would prepare meals in a tiny area.  She became a YouTube sensation, has a lot of followers on Instagram and Little Paris Kitchen became an instant hit.

French critiques were so impressed by her natural ability that not only did she capture the hearts of her fans but also some very tough French food critiques.

After reading about these remarkable ladies, it is not surprising we are all dreaming about our perfect kitchen.  Our kitchens have come a long way since the sixties when freestanding cookers and coloured floors were all the rage.  Regardless of your lung capacity, gender or social background, our kitchen should be a place that we make life happen, be it with a culinary delight or plain old bangers and mash, your kitchen should be a place that you feel comfortable and at ease in. Kitchen Warehouse UK Ltd help thousands of people make their kitchens their friend with a complete redesign or a simple kitchen replacement door change to uplift and inspire old and unloved spaces. Why not browse our complete kitchen units collection today!


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