If you are refurbishing your home, upgrading and improving the kitchen is a very important step to take. Not only will doing so add to your own enjoyment of your home, but it will also increase the property’s overall value considerably if you plan to sell any time in the future.

There are, of course, hundreds of fixtures and fittings to choose from, available from a myriad of sources. The final combination will depend to a large degree on the size and capabilities of the space itself, as well as your own personal requirements and needs along with those of the other members of your household. The eventual style and feel of the room, however, will always be completely up to you.

Those who love a splash of colour in their home will be thrilled to discover just how simple it is to extend this theme into the kitchen. It is easy to look at advertisements showing only designs that feature monochromatic or “natural” shades and wonder whether bright colours are the right choice – but you should not be disheartened by this; colourful kitchens are as popular and stylish as they have ever been. There are a fantastic variety of options available to you that will not only help you to inject a bold and bright sense of statement into your design, but will also allow you to do so in a tasteful way that will look just as fresh in years to come as the day they were installed.

So, what are the best and most effective ways to introduce colour into your kitchen?

The Kitchen Warehouse team have taken a look!

Kitchen Doors and UnitsColoured Kitchen

Opting for bright replacement kitchen doors or kitchen drawer fronts is a straightforward way to create interest and contrast. There are so many possibilities when it comes to the arrangement of these new features in a space – you can fit just one or two in colourful shades to more muted units – with the rest of the doors matching the quieter hue – or spread the colour right around the room on every door!

Another popular approach is to opt for complete kitchen units that have been finished either in solid colours or that are interspersed with bright, attractive patterns. Again, you can decide whether you only want one or two decorated in this style or if you would prefer it on every fixture.

You could even go for a two-toned look with two complementary colours side by side on different doors, and overhead units could either match or contrast with lower level fittings.

Top tip: It is a good idea to keep things simple and to limit busy or eccentric patterns to a single area of the kitchen, as this tends to be a little easier on the eye.

Contrasting Worktops

This technique is regularly used to great effect in all styles of kitchen. The approach is simple – either the main body of the unit or the worktop that sits above it should be in an attractive, subtle colour, and its counterpart should be a bold and bright shade that complements and contrasts with it beautifully. This means you will get the very best out of your colour choice.

You could even install multiple worktops that contrast with each other. For example, if your kitchen features an island unit, you may decide to furnish this with a worktop of one colour, while the tops of the units against the walls could be created in a different one.

Top tip: There are a number of combinations that go particularly well together – rich wood shades contrast nicely with deep reds and burnt oranges, while a simple white worktop will set off ocean blue units perfectly.

Create a Colourful Focal Point

A truly memorable approach is to create one oasis of colour in a particular part of the room to which you would especially like to draw the eye. Jewel-hued tiles surrounding the hob, oven and splash back are always an attractive choice, as is the installation of a single bright unit or even a colourful kitchen sink, statement extractor fan or bold oven front!

Top tip: Choose flooring that works well with the rest of the design, either in a gentler version of the shades you have chosen in the rest of the kitchen (going considerably lighter or darker here is also a good idea), or in natural colours, greys, whites or black. Your flooring should never be an afterthought, so be sure to incorporate it into your finished vision!

Utilise Colourful Decorations

For a more subtle colour pop, you may prefer to keep the larger part of the kitchen a more discreet shade, but if that is they case then we recommend to choose bright, bold kitchen accessories. From little trimmings like indoor plants and their pots, to vases and wall art, to functional items such as pans and utensils hung on racks or a bold-hued kettle, we do not need to do much to add some excitement to a space. Drawer and door handles are also a great way to include little spots of colour to an otherwise simple arrangement, whether in a solid hue or featuring delicate patterns or designs.

Find the Right Materials

Colour can be added with a touch of shine to it – using, for example, lacquered or acrylic kitchen units or doors, or you could opt for a softer painted or matte look. Both of these effects enhance the look of colourful kitchen fittings no end, so it really just comes down to your own personal taste.

Of course, when it comes to settling on a particular design, it can often be very difficult to make a firm decision. This choice, after all, is something you are going to have to live with for a considerable amount of time – so it is important to be sure that you have gone for exactly what you wanted. If you would like any assistance with the design of your kitchen, the experts at Kitchen Warehouse LTD will be very happy to help you. All you need to do is call the team today on 01765 640000 or contact us email via [email protected].

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