Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we can assure you that one of the most popular questions we are asked is “is it easy to replace my kitchen doors?”

The simple answer that we give people is yes, it is! But we know that you’re here for more than just the simple answer, right?

Many people are put off from replacing their kitchen cupboard doors as they think it will cost them an arm and a leg to do. In fact, new doors are cheaper and more cost effective than you may think. It is also a great way to update your kitchen and your home overall.

The average cost of a new kitchen isn’t as much as you might be lead to believe. Even if you aren’t going all out to change your entire room, new doors can still make all the difference.

What kind of doors should you choose?

We have a wide range of kitchen doors available here at Kitchen Warehouse. Here are some of our high quality products to give you a better idea of how they could fit into your existing kitchen design.

Shaker kitchen doors

Our shaker kitchen doors are amongst the most popular that we have to offer, and for good reason! People come back time and time again to purchase our doors for a variety of reasons.

Our ethos is that a new kitchen should be one that’s affordable and these doors are certainly that! They are made from 5 individual pieces and offer a durability that will last you for years to come. These doors also have a 2mm PVC face that has a wood grain embossed into the PVC. We have 10 different types of shaker doors that range from graphite to oak to sage green too.

You are sure to find one which will replace the doors in your kitchen, with them being a fantastic way to rejuvenate your kitchen cabinets as well.

Solid wood kitchen doors

The material for these doors and sourced from sustainable forests throughout Europe and we are always very environmentally conscious at Kitchen Warehouse. Our solid wood kitchen doors are made from Grade A+ solid oak and provide a classic look with a modern edge.

They have a 5 piece construction and a solid panel, as well as being finished with hard-earing lacquer or oil. They will last for years and continue to look good well after they’re installed. We have three types of solid wood oak kitchen doors available that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen, while offering a new look to your home.

Gloss acrylic kitchen doors

To add a real modern design to your kitchen, then our gloss acrylic kitchen doors will do just that. They come in a range of styles, with them also being the only door that we offer a made to measure service.

The gloss acrylic doors we have are constructed with an MDF core accompanied by a sheet of solid acrylic to the face of the door. This gives them their mirrored finish and ensures durability too. You also have the option of 3D edging with these doors that can add an extra design element to them as well as a mirror-like finish. We have 11 types of gloss acrylic kitchen doors ranging from vibrant stardust to the more sublet light grey.

Handleless kitchen doors

Finally, we provide a wide range of handleless kitchen doors that can provide a real different style to your kitchen.

They aren’t vinyl pressed or foil-wrapped like many doors were a number of years ago. Instead, they have a sprayed and lacquered finish to give them their gleam and durability. They are standard-sized or can be ordered with bespoke specifications. With their sleek look and a real contemporary finish, you can propel your kitchen into the 21st century. These doors will also work wonders in ensuring that your kitchen cabinets look the part too.

If you want a modern design with your doors but also want to save on the cost, then these are a fantastic option because you don’t need the added expense of door handles.

Colour coordinating your kitchen

Getting new replacement kitchen cupboard doors is all well and good, but you need to be able to match the colours with the rest of your kitchen as well. While it is easy to replace your kitchen doors you need to make sure they all align properly with your colour scheme.

The great thing about kitchens is that almost any colour will work. There are many places you can turn to for inspiration if you having some difficulty in deciding what to do with your room.

You can even incorporate a kitchen accent as well which can compliment your new kitchen doors and add an extra dimension to your home.

Is it easy to replace my kitchen doors?

Of course it is!

Even if you are going to be doing much of the work on your own, you don’t need any special DIY skills to do it. The beauty of relaxing your existing doors with new kitchen cabinets doors is that practically anyone can do it.

If you are a little stuck during the whole process, we have how-to videos which can help you out. This includes things such as measuring your doors before you visit us or get in contact with your specifications and how to build flat-pack units.

Revamping your kitchen is an exciting time, so don’t take the joy away by having to worry about the cost. Keeping to your budget is very important, but at Kitchen Warehouse you can be assured of getting a quality product at a lower cost than you think!

If you want to get in touch with us about our replacement kitchen door service then be sure to do so today. Simply fill out our online enquiry form or email us at You can also give us a call on 01765 640 000 to be put through to one of our friendly team.