Is Kitchenwarehouse and Magnet kitchens part of the same company

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Are Kitchen Warehouse associated with Magnet Kitchens or Howdens Kitchens?



Are Kitchen Warehouse associated with any big chains like Magnet Kitchens or Howdens Kitchens?

No, we are an independent North Yorkshire based kitchen manufacturer, supplier and retailer.

We are a family run business that are completely independent of any of the of the big kitchen retailers, we are not associated with Howden Kitchens, Wren Kitchens or Magnet Kitchens.

Acrylic Kitchen Units

You will not find the same products in our showroom that you find in these large kitchen retailers. We do sell some kitchens that look similar but there will be small differences. We often get asked if our Ashton Cole stardust acrylic kitchen units are the same kitchen doors as Wickes Esker kitchen range or Magnets Kitchens astral blue kitchen range. And it’s true the doors are very similar in colour and finish but the sizes are different, I don’t know if the acrylic on the face of the doors is from the same manufacturer, but I would have said so as I can see there being two door manufactures making this colour as it is a unique iridescent colour. That has a fleck to it, making the doors look different colours from different angles or in different lighting.  This stardust kitchen is an amazing looking kitchen when installed. Pictures don’t really do it justice, it needs to be seen in the flesh to appreciate the unique quality finish and colour of this high gloss kitchen units.

So although we have some replacement kitchen doors that are similar in colour to Wickes Kitchens, Magnet Kitchens and Howdens Kitchens we are not in any way associated with these national kitchen retailers. We are purely independent of these big chains and have much smaller overheads than these national retailers, which allows us to offer a similar if not better product at a more competitive price.

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