When you think of Christmas, we’ll bet that cosy nights in watching everyone’s favourite film comes to mind. Not to mention the exchanging of gifts and the beautiful carols that prove a fitting soundtrack to the festive period. But there is also the other side of Christmas – the chaos and mayhem involved to make the big day as perfect as possible. This extends to inside the home as well as outside too, especially if you are expecting guests this year.

So one thing you are going to want to avoid is opening your kitchen doors and not knowing where anything is that you need to make Christmas dinner! By organising your kitchen effectively and early – making sure you know exactly what is in your kitchen units – you can have a seamless Christmas day that goes without hitch, and who wouldn’t want that?

Specific storage spaces

The key to organisation in any room of the home is segregated storage, and this is especially true in the kitchen. For many people this is the biggest room of the home that incorporates storage, so making sure you know exactly where everything is makes life easier all year round.

But especially at Christmas, you are going to want to know exactly where those plates for special occasions are, right? What about the brussels sprouts that you know everyone can’t wait for? Using your kitchen cupboards to full effect means you can know exactly where everything is placed so you can simply lift them out when needed. Plates in one section, bowls in the other. Bread in one place, cereal in the other… you get the gist!

Do you need more bins?

Let’s face it, there is a lot of waste that comes from the kitchen – the majority coming from food preparation. As a result, you can find your kitchen bins being emptied more often than not, which can prove quite the chore! But what if your kitchen storage allowed for more bins that means you can store more waste in an efficient way.

Strategically placed kitchen waste bins ensure you’re not needing to take the bins out on the big day itself, and are able to sit back and relax once your plate has been finished.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we offer top of the range pull out waste bins, so you can keep your kitchen layout as streamlined as possible whilst making room for even more waste storage.

Keep worktops and tables clear

We’re all guilty of it. We’re talking about leaving little bits and bobs on the kitchen tables and worktops knowing that you will need them at some point. But what if that “some point” never comes? And these little things build up into an eyesore every time you enter the kitchen?

With this in mind, it is best to get into good habits and keep your worktops and tables clear of items that can easily be put into a designated drawer or cupboard. This allows your kitchen to be a pleasant place at all times, especially when preparing or enjoying Christmas dinner.

You can then extend this way of maintaining your kitchen into the new year and watch your space open up as you now have more room on your eye level areas for decoration or appliances.

Evaluate your seating arrangements

It’s not just on the worktops and in the kitchen units in which organisation is king. You should also look at your floor space and see if it is as efficient as it can be. Too many loose chairs can severely limit the space to walk around, so it may be worth removing them if they are not needed!

On the flip side, if you are expecting family round for Christmas dinner, it may be useful to invest in some temporary seating, so your close ones are not left eating their dinner from a standing position! Trust us, we have seen this happen in the kitchen so make sure that this doesn’t affect you this Christmas.

Contact us

So, do you have any questions about our range of pull out waste bins? Or do you feel like a fresh kitchen storage approach will finally have you on top of your plethora of items? If so, the team at Kitchen Warehouse would be glad to help. We have a range of kitchen units for sale, with all being the perfect fit for any particular taste or design idea.

To contact us with any enquires today, give us a call on 01765 640 000 or email us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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