The fact that this article was written just before Christmas means that those of us at Kitchen Warehouse were in a very different frame of mind then than you probably are now post-Christmas. What we’re trying to suggest is that we haven’t eaten a half turkey and a dozen mince pies apiece yet and are still in the mood or the feast of feasts.

As you probably too well know when looking at your kitchen you over calculated the amount of food that people could eat and now have plenty of leftovers. However, we’re going to give you a few ideas of how to make the most of all those wonderful festive foods.

Turkey Cacciatore – You’ll have the Ingredients in your Kitchen Cupboards

A lot of us are left with plenty of turkey after Christmas day and this recipe is a great one when diced and a really tasty way to use your leftovers .All you need to do is dice the turkey and you’ll most likely have the vast majority of the ingredients at home without having to go to any effort and it’s also very easy and low maintenance to make – exactly what you want from a post-Christmas leftover meal.

Turkey and Vegetable Biryani – A Little Different

Sick of potatoes, Brussel sprouts and heavy Christmas foods galore, then why not look towards India for inspiration for your meal.

This Turkey and Vegetable Biryani is tasty, makes the most of a lot of leftovers and there are spices and flavours galore included in the meal. It also takes under an hour to prepare from oven dish to plate – so once again a nice and easy one for those who have been a little more indulgent than usual.

Ham and Mushroom Fritatta – Easy and Sumptuous

If you’ve some left over ham, glazed or otherwise and mushrooms then this is a beautiful meal to share with family and friends.

Ham and Mushroom Fritatta are perfect for when people come over for those long lunches in the lazy days after Christmas. Its low on effort and you’ll most likely have the vast majority of the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets. Just add some nice fresh salad and you have a beautiful, tasty and low effort meal that will delight.

Christmas Pudding

One great recipe we’ve seen for Christmas pudding leftovers involves infusing it in a half bottle of vodka – boozy! Then leave it to infuse for a day or so, before rolling the now pliable dough like food into truffles. These are an ideal gift or a lovely post-Christmas treat. We’d suggest not to drive though after a few as these are a potent dessert – trust us we know.

Mince Pies Tarts….mmmmmm

The other big calorie source for those enjoying Christmas is of course, the wonderful mince pie. One of the tastiest ways to make the most of the leftover mincemeat delights is to turn them into a quick tart. It’s seriously easy to do and all you need is a little pastry from the freezer to do so. Lickedspoon talks about it in their blog below – so we’d advise you take a look. Perfect for a kitchen treat and destined to be eaten…..even if you’ve gorged on plenty before.

These are just some of our ideas for your Christmas leftovers – so take a look in your kitchen cabinets and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to make some tasty morsels.