Now that we’re all spending day upon day in our home, we’ve no excuse not to get started on kitchen decluttering. For those of you who haven’t already begun a systematic kitchen declutter, here’s some expert advice on how to go about it (not from us, from some of those tidy and cleaning gurus out there):

But first, before you even start to think about what you can remove from the kitchen, it’s a good idea to plan how to declutter. By that we mean, do it in segments then take a break. You could, for instance, set a timer for 30 minutes and then after that time’s up make yourself a coffee and read a magazine or go for a quick stroll. On your return do another 30 minutes. Complete this exercise day after day and it won’t be long until you get the minimalist kitchen you deserve.

Kitchen declutter: Pasta pile-up

If, like us, your kitchen cabinets are littered with random bags of pasta with a handful or so of fusilli, spaghetti, penne etc sitting in the bottom of them, then it’s time to get a large jar and pour them all in. Then, next time you want to use up some vegetables saute and pour into a casserole dish, add some of the pasta shapes and mix in a ragu or cream sauce. Your kitchen cabinets have more space and you’ve had a delicious dinner into the bargain.

Gadget give-away

It’s always kinda hard to resist a super-smart new gadget you’ve spotted at your local supermarket. Within five minutes of playing with it, you’ve convinced yourself it’s essential for your kitchen list of must-have’s. And yes, you probably did use it religiously – for a month or so. Then you forgot about it and all it does now is take up room on the worktop or use up valuable kitchen cabinet space. We’re talking smoothie makers, bread makers, that giant pestle and mortar. Get them down to your local thrift shop, you’ll feel miles better. And, your kitchen will seem bigger – and neater – too.

Kitchen declutter: Cut back on cleaning products

Got lots of plastic bottles full of cleaning products under the sink? Lots of us do. Sometimes at the supermarket you just have to buy that amazing new cleaner a neighbour recommended. You maybe use it once and realise you prefer your existing product. And that brings us on to our next point. You probably only really use a handful of cleaners anyway – so keep those and bin the rest. At the same time, how about trying to use natural cleaners next time, such as lemons, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar? Google natural cleaning recipes – there are loads online.

Put out party supplies

Got lots of glasses and tumblers, but only ever use a few favourites? Like the cleaners, it’s easy to fill up cupboards full of stuff you never use. The idea that you might need all those glasses ‘one day’ is probably true – but is it worth clogging up your kitchen cabinets for months on end for that ‘one day’ well into the future? Wouldn’t it be better to clear them out, use the space for useful items and borrow or rent glasses for a party when you need them? We think so…

Keep your kitchen decluttered

It’s the easiest thing in the world to let a tidied kitchen become cluttered again. That is, unless you set up systems to ensure it doesn’t get that way. Set up a weekly declutter time – just in case things do start to slip and the odd pile of homework books end up hogging space on a worktop. At the same time, dedicate a plastic basket to holding any homework books so they don’t randomly appear on table tops etc. If you always open the post in the kitchen then get a wall-based post rack you can file it away in (rather than leave it lying around on a work top).

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