Green kitchen cabinets, artistic vent hoods and kitchens with prep areas big enough for a small bistro – just some of the kitchen design trends we’ll be seeing in 2021.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse we’ve been checked the big style bibles in kitchen design in recent weeks and the following is what we’ve been spotting time and time again. So, if you’re in the market for a kitchen re-design and keeping up with the Joneses’ is a must for you, then have a read. You may be surprised…

Queen green

Yes, colours come and go but one that will definitely be around for a few years yet is green. Navy blue and glossy black have had their time in our kitchens, now it’s time to introduce a little lightness. And let’s face it, we’re bringing in the outdoors anyway with our open-plan kitchen extensions and glass panel walls, so why not extend that green grass shade to our kitchen cabinets too?

Whether it’s forest green, emerald green, mint green or even lime green – go for it! Personally, we’re big forest green fans but each to his or her own…

Visually-striking vent hoods

They may have been an interesting shape when we first saw them – and quite space-age looking – but it’s time vent hoods had a make-over. They’re quite a dominating point in our kitchens so isn’t it time they looked a little more ‘elaborate?’ Some kitchen designers certainly think so. No more plain stainless-steel grey or silver, they say. Now it’s time to decorate – or at least colour – your vent hoods. Make them a focus of your kitchen next year. Experiment with different metals too and you may just love the results.

Minimalist kitchens

Now, there are those of us who will always love country kitchen style clutter. And then there are the minimalists. Fans of clean, streamlined design love kitchens where there is plenty of hidden storage and everything stays in its place. And that’s where built-in appliances excel. They allow that ‘smooth’ look of a minimalist kitchen to be maintained and which, in turn, gives the room a sense of calm. Not a bad idea in these pretty frenetic times…

Surfaces on the dark side

Dark worktops are becoming rather au-fait these days – even for those who have white kitchens. It’s all about experimenting with two rather than one kitchen colour. In other words, two-tone kitchens. Black and charcoal surfaces look great when accentuated with bright colour pops in the form of a bright orange toaster, kettle and liquidiser. And don’t just contrast colours; think textures too. Dark surfaces work particular well when contrasted with warm woods, for instance. Why not try it for yourself?

Big prep areas

With the trend for open plan living these days, you don’t exactly want all your potato peelings and cartons of recycling on show when entertaining friends. The solution, according to one revered Canadian kitchen designer, is to have a separate prep room. What this means is the prep room is becoming the new utilities room. And why not? Any mess we can shut behind a door to deal with later is good in our books. And you can deal with it once the guests go home, giving you more time to party.

Super storage ideas

Yes, you probably already know where we are going with this one. They were huge in 2020 and the love of kitchen larders definitely have gone away for 2021. But then, they are just so practical. We can put our dried goods and tins in them, as well as our appliances and bulk items. Then we can use the pull-out shelf as an additional area to place napkins and cutlery etc. One of the best things about kitchen larders though is how beautifully they combine with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry. Unless you want to make a feature of the larder, that is.

‘Clever kitchens are us’

Will you use the current and on-going lockdowns to finally get around to re-inventing your kitchen? Even just changing the cabinet doors can make sure a huge visual difference to what is, after all, one of the most used rooms in our home.

Take a look through our huge selection of replacement cabinet doors on our website. From country kitchen and Shaker style to contemporary matt black and glossy minimalist designs – we have a style to suit every taste.

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