Now that we’re about to enter another tough lockdown period, you’ve more time than ever to think about your kitchen design.

But what if you’re perfectly happy with your current kitchen cabinets and white goods, thank you very much, but would just like a little modern revamp?

Well, yep, here at Kitchen Warehouse Ltd we understand that desire to change things around a little. You’ve probably spent more time in your kitchen this year than ever before thanks to lockdowns and working from home, after home.

So, how do you funk things up a little? Well, here’s some great kitchen design tips using just accessories:

Veer towards vintage

Old vintage signs to hang on the wall can really add some individual character to a modern, but plain, kitchen design. But so too can a row of old-fashioned tins advertising long-ago products on an open shelf.

They can also add a rustic, country feel to the look or even an industrial design look if you opt for a vintage table comprising wood and black metal as well as an old-fashioned copper lamp (co-ordinate by sitting in on a black metallic and wood shelf). Deck out the sink with some old-fashioned black lever taps too. And talking of light…

Look for lovely lighting

We all know how different forms of lighting can change the feel and mood of a room. Well, you can also use lighting to add a uniqueness to your kitchen. How about a central, old-fashioned chandelier for instance? Pair it up with some vintage candlesticks and thick velour curtains with swags for a regal look. Lighten up the rest of the kitchen with under-cabinet task lighting.

Kitchen design: Wow with wallpaper

Who says you can’t have a feature wall in the kitchen? Not us! Patterned and colourful wallpaper pasted along one wall can really introduce the ‘wow’ factor into a plain, modern kitchen. Just make sure you invest in some paper which works well in the kitchen ie it won’t be affected too much by steam or water.

If you don’t want to go the whole hog with wallpaper, then why not consider adding some decals instead? They won’t overpower, but will certainly add some nice detail to your kitchen design.

Add fab flooring

Wallpaper isn’t the only way to add a flood of colour to your kitchen design, of course. You can do it with colourful, patterned floor tiles too. Use vinyl tiles so that it’s warm on your bare feet in winter and cool during the summer months. Co-ordinate with a few well-chosen accessories such as a toaster and kettle in a matching shade.

Hanker over herbs

Introducing a herb garden into your kitchen is a great way to add colour and remind you of nature and all its wonders. And, of course, there’s also the benefit of using those herbs in your cooking. Just remember to sit your little herb pots along the window ledge or at least in a spot on your worktops or table where the sun’s rays regularly land. If herbs just feel like too much bother to look after then substitute them for a quirky little row of cactus.

Add some artworks

We don’t mean the decals or wallpaper we mentioned earlier in this article, but rather a real painting. It’s a terrific way to add a focal point in a kitchen and it’ll add your own character to the room too – since you’ll be choosing it!

Kitchen design: Choose coloured cabinets

Yes, we were originally just going to talk about accessories, but we couldn’t mention the word ‘quirky’ without thinking about different coloured replacement cabinets doors. Use two colour schemes and contrast them. It’s not the done thing in kitchens really, but it can look really quite spectacular when planned well. You could, for instance, have the top cupboards a different colour from the bottom or mix and match to suit.

Kitchen design: need more inspiration?

If you’re planning to do a little kitchen DIY and interior design during this next extended phase of lockdown, then do get in touch. The team here at Kitchen Warehouse are experts in kitchen design and planning. We’ve helped out with thousands of kitchen redesigns over the years, from advising on kitchen cabinets to supplying smart accessories and clever storage solutions. You can contact us by ringing the team on 01765 640 000. We’re also available via email on Meanwhile, check out our extensive range of kitchen units and replacement kitchen cabinet doors at our website www. Happy kitchen planning!