If you’re in the market for a new kitchen you have probably spent ages trying to choose new kitchen cabinets. And rightly so. This is a ‘big ticket’ item, after all. So too are your beautiful new worktops.

But what about the other less obvious items of your kitchen? Your kitchen lighting, for instance, is probably an after-thought. It’s the thing you look at once you have the cabinetry and white goods sorted. And yet, getting the right lighting for your kitchen is essential. It’s not a game changer, but the type of kitchen lighting you choose is certainly a mood changer.

In fact, many designers suggest you should actually install the lighting in your kitchen way before you bring in any new cabinets or appliances. That way you get the right type of lighting to allow your kitchen to function as it should.

Kitchen lighting and its different forms

Task lighting, for instance, should be placed underneath top cabinets so that it can illuminate prepping areas on the worktop. Blue white LED strip downlighters work best for this. Just make sure the lights are at the outer edge of the cabinet rather than nearer the wall to get the best use of the beam. Spotlights also work very well as task lighting. That’s because  you can focus the brightness on the particular area you’re working at. Consider task lighting for above the sink area too and perhaps the cooker.

Ambient lighting sets the mood for a late night meal or relaxing glass of wine in the evening. It can also be used on a dark winter afternoon to give a cosy glow to the kitchen. This could take the form of coloured LED strip lighting at the bottom of a kitchen island or warm white lighting in glass fronted cabinets. The latter is a great way of showing off your ceramic mug and/or plate collection.

Your main ceiling lights for the kitchen could be a series of contemporary-style pendants over the kitchen island. Then again, a large low-lying statement light, such as a modern chandelier also looks terrific over a kitchen island and can create a real sense of intimacy. An alternative ceiling lighting choice could be directional spotlights built flush with the ceiling.

There is a form of lighting that doesn’t cost anything – not even the earth. And that’s natural daylight. Utilise as much as this as you can by installing more glass if you have to. Floor to ceiling sliding doors are a very popular choice for many kitchen extensions these days. If you can’t afford knocking down the wall and fitting glass then an alternative could be skylights or simply expanding the size of your existing windows – especially if your kitchen is south facing. Talking of daylight, when you are planning the lighting in your kitchen do think about how it will look both during the day and at night. That way you’ll get the lighting exactly right.

Kitchen lighting and technology

And what about the ways in which you are going to be able to control the lighting? In these days of smart technology it’s possible to pre-set the lighting so that there’s a glow in the kitchen the minute you step through the door from work. This can even be controlled from a Smartphone or tablet remotely. And different lights can be switched on and off independently, helping set the mood. If you aren’t a fan of technology there is always the old-fashioned dimmer switch. Yes, it means you do have to physically adjust these, but they’re still going to work when you’ve left your phone behind at work…

If you are designing and building the kitchen yourself DIY-style then it can be tempting to install the lighting yourself. Don’t take a chance though. Save money on your kitchen cabinets by just buying instead of entire units if you’re worried about not being able to stick to your budget. Getting in a professional electrician from the start will save tears later down the line. And anyway, it’s too dangerous – even if you do think you know what you’re doing.

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