Well, it’s that time of year again… it’s new year and we are set to be encouraged – even bombarded – with suggestions of how we can live our lives better and healthier by committing to a fresh set of new year’s resolutions. The thing is that it can all get a bit too daunting, and we tend to buckle under the pressure of trying to make all these dramatic changes to our lives. Gym memberships are a classic example. Around 10.3 million people in the UK have gym memberships. However, it’s estimated that as many as 12% of these memberships go unused. Gyms are rammed and very busy with newbies throughout January; come the end of February and many gyms are half empty!

That’s the problem – many people make unrealistic, overly-ambitious, pie-in-the-sky new year’s resolutions. So – instead – let’s focus on attainable and incremental goals that will help you live more comfortably with our win/win new year’s resolutions for your kitchen.

New year’s resolutions for the kitchen: Declutter

The key to making your kitchen the space you want it to be is to get organised. And the first step towards getting organised is to remove the clutter. Moreover, decluttering is therapeutic. You will feel so much better after you have done it. Most kitchens are full of old pots and pans. The fridge and cupboards are likely to contain scarily out-of-date tins, condiments and spices.

Japanese ‘Organising Consultant’ Marie Kondo is a decluttering guru. She has published four books on organising that have sold millions around the world. Kondo has shared many great tips on how to declutter your kitchen. 

Decluttering is vital if you want to have an organised kitchen. Studies show that if your kitchen is organised, you are more likely to eat healthily, get more done, and feel better about yourself, in general.

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New year’s resolutions: Get Organised

Similar to removing the clutter, you should also spend some time organising your appliances, spices – indeed, everything. You’ll be surprised at how many duplicates you are likely to have! Try putting the things you use the most close-to-hand. In most kitchens there are certain locations that just seem to attract chaos. There are the  ‘miscellaneous’ drawers that have become a dumping ground. Not to mention the cabinets crammed with mismatched containers. What’s more, although you’ll come across plenty of tools that you use; you’re likely to find many more that you don’t. Organising everything will make you feel better straightaway. There are many storage solutions around to help you organise things better. Of course, if you have the space, you can always add some extra kitchen units.

New year’s resolutions: Healthy eating

Although this blog is about new year’s resolutions for the kitchen, making the kitchen work better for you will make it easier for you to make one for yourself – to eat more healthily. It’s often said that cleaner, leaner and more organised kitchen spaces are far more conducive to healthy eating.

For example, if your kitchen is clutter-free and organised, there will definitely be a space for a compact steamer. Steaming food is one of the healthiest cooking methods out there.

And, as part of your new year’s resolutions for your kitchen, why not plan some new meals for all the family? It’s easy just to stick to the tried and trusted recipes but in your new reinvented kitchen space, the cook of the house is reinvigorated too. Now the kitchen is a stress-free zone, they will feel more likely to be experimental and creative in the kitchen.

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Take better care of things

Now that you have a decluttered and more organised kitchen space, you are much better-placed to take better of your kitchen equipment and tools. Many of these will last a lifetime – if properly looked after. Some items will only last if they are washed by hand, for example. Your knives need to be regularly sharpened, and so on.

Longevity is also an issue with foodstuffs, of course. There’s a tendency just to toss fruit and veg into the fridge or the cupboard. The truth is that some foods need humidity, some need refrigeration – and some should not be refrigerated at all. With just a few adjustments to how you store food in the kitchen, your food will last longer and you will save money.

Keep the kitchen cleaner

One thing is certainly true: it’s easy to make a mess in the kitchen. But here’s another truth – it’s even easier not to tidy up properly. This part of your new year’s resolutions for your kitchen is going to take a degree of self-discipline. But another thing is definitely true as well – you are less likely to keep an untidy, cluttered and chaotic kitchen clean than a tidy and organised space. Cleaning-as-you-cook is a good way to keep on top of things and it just makes good sense. After all, leaving all the mess to build up and then being faced with a mountain of a clean-up can be very daunting. You do need to motivate yourself with this one – but it is well worth it. You want to be able to show off your organised and clutter-free kitchen every once-in -a-while!

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New Year, New Kitchen?

Any amount of cleaning and tidying and organising will only take you so far. It will give you a kitchen space that is far more comfortable, workable, and practical. Sometimes though this is simply not enough. So, is the new year the time for you to get a new kitchen?

Well, we can’t answer that question for you exactly, but we can highlight that we aim to make the whole process of buying a new kitchen as simple and as straightforward as possible. Our website is one-stop-shop for your kitchen buying needs and at our showroom in Ripon, you can see our kitchen designs in the flesh.

On the website you can look at all the images and details of each kitchen range. After you have picked a design that you like, simply choose the perfect colour tone to match your ideal kitchen décor and colour scheme. Once you have decided the range and colour, you can then select the quantity and size of the units that will fit comfortably into the space you have available.

Furthermore, if you already have a plan for your kitchen, we will be more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation. All you need to do is send your designs to us by email. For a more detailed quote, please also let us know the colour and range of kitchen units that you have chosen. Email us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.

The replacement door option

“New year, new kitchen” – sounds good, doesn’t it? The new year is certainly as good a time as any to update your kitchen. It certainly fits in with the theme of starting anew and fresh starts. Your dream kitchen could cost a lot less than you think. Furthermore, even if you haven’t got the budget for a full kitchen overhaul, you can still make plenty of changes to give the space a refresh.

And that’s the point. No matter what budget you are working to, giving the kitchen a freshen up should be on everybody’s list of new year’s resolutions for their kitchen. Maybe it’s the doors of cabinets that are beginning to look a bit tired? Replacement doors are the affordable solution! Maybe you could just update the hinges and handles? Changing your kitchen accessories can make a big difference to the overall look of the kitchen.

Replacement kitchen doors refresh the look of the kitchen and can even make it look as though you have installed a completely new kitchen. Remember, if your existing units are in good condition and the layout of your kitchen works for you as it is, you could argue that you don’t really need a new kitchen at all anyway. Moreover, if you choose the option of replacement kitchen doors, you can avoid the hassle and disruption that a completely new kitchen installation can cause. What’s more, you are also not left with an eye-watering and hefty price tag.

Give your kitchen a new year’s refresh

So, you may be thinking that new year’s resolutions aren’t for you – maybe you’re thinking why should you bother because you didn’t stick to them last year? Well, don’t do it for you… do it for your kitchen!

Whether your kitchen plans for the new year are small scale or large scale, taking up at least some of these new year’s resolutions for your kitchen will make a big difference. The kitchen is the busiest room in the modern family home. It needs a bit of TLC. The new year is the perfect time to show your kitchen some love.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your new year’s kitchen plans with the expert and friendly Kitchen Warehouse team. We are always ready to help you in any way you can to get your dream kitchen.