In the past, the kitchen was a small room within the home that was only used for cooking and preparing food for mealtime. However, in recent years this has changed significantly. Many of us now opt to embrace open-plan living, with the kitchen now becoming a central hub where we spend most of our leisure time. Family dinners, parties, and other social gatherings all take place in the kitchen, as it now has to be a centrepiece of the home whilst also being practical enough for everyday living. A lot to take on right?

With this in mind, it is crucial to give your kitchen a personal touch, just in the same way you would with any other room in the home. But how can you achieve this without going over the top? The following tips from the Kitchen Warehouse experts will help you turn your personal kitchen into a space that shows off glimpses of what you’re all about, creating a practical and beautiful space you can be proud of.

Creating a feature wall

Kitchen Warehouse LTDHaving blank walls in the kitchen hardly gives off the personal vibe you’re striving for, but if you introduce a feature wall it can really say a lot about you and your kitchen! What you decide to do with this wall is entirely up to you, whether you decide to tile it, paint it, or add wallpaper. You can add the colour and style that you desire, giving your kitchen the look you want to achieve.

Accessorise with bright colours

Regardless of your kitchen’s theme, adding colour and interest from a range of accessories can give your personalised kitchen a quirky and unique feel. The common rule is to use a palette of three colours to create the perfect kitchen feel, but don’t forget that these are just guidelines and you can do as you wish, it is your room after all!

Use different materials

Commonly, kitchens are known to be made of the same materials throughout, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. A potential option is to have wall kitchen cabinets that are made of a different material to the cabinets closer to the ground. This allows you to mix classic with contemporary and warmth with contrasting dark colours. The possibilities truly are endless, so be sure to think hard and experiment.

Use all space available

If you want to turn your kitchen into an area that is slick and modern, then you might want to consider using the full height of the room. Full height cabinets offer a streamlined look, as well as giving you more storage to work with. You can add in unique colours and finishes to make your units really stand out, bringing your kitchen to life in the process.

Choose the right lighting

Make your lighting the focal point of the room to achieve the best results. There is now a wide range of light fittings available that will help set the mood within your kitchen. When the family are sitting around the table, brighter lighting would be a more practical option, but if you are hosting a dinner party you might look for dimmer lighting to help add an atmosphere.

Nobody likes clutter!

Your dining table and worktops are not places where you should leave belongings such as letters, keys, or mobile phones, as tempting as it might be. Your kitchen has to look sharp and spacious so remove anything that is not required on a daily basis such as slow cookers or mixers. Instead, replace them with plants or even fresh flowers to give your kitchen a clean look with a neat touch.

Add some neat extras

This option is different to your usual lighting but can still certainly give your kitchen the wow factor. Why not add LED lighting to the underside of your units, giving your kitchen depth and colour. This can really help to alter the ambience of the room whilst changing lights can easily suit the mood or occasion. Your kitchen is a place you should be proud of, so why not show it off with the right lighting in the right place.

If you’re looking to impress with your kitchen, you need to know what you can do to make it unique. There are all sorts of different things you can do to add to your kitchen’s design as you can see from the points above. These are the little details that will make your kitchen stand out and ensure it looks great going forward towards the new year and for even longer term.

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