Planning a kitchen refurb? Good for you. If you have already started researching then you’ll know this type of undertaking isn’t for the faint-hearted. Especially if you are planning on embarking on a kitchen refurb DIY-style.

There are corners that can be cut, however. If, for instance, you like the layout of your current kitchen cabinets, then it’s possible to leave the cabinet shells in place and simply replace the doors. Most householders, who have never tried this before, have been astounded at the difference just changing this one aspect of their kitchen can make. Paint the walls, change the worktops and add a new backsplash. Before you know it, you won’t even recognise your existing kitchen!

But, what if you are going for the whole hog ie you are planning a kitchen rebuild from scratch? Well, here are some areas that you certainly want to spend quite a bit of time deliberating on:

Kitchen furniture

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, there are literally hundreds of different types out there. From beautiful country-style Shaker cabinets to glossy, bright laminate units and matt black minimalist slab cabinets. It’s all a far cry from shabby chic and country-style kitchens of yesteryear – though, of course, you can have those too!

Designs of the cabinet shells vary – even for non-customised kitchens. Kitchen cabinet pantries, for instance, are becoming more sought-after – especially for those who want the feel and efficiency of a pantry but don’t have the room.

Kitchen worktops

There is a huge choice in kitchen worktops these days too. From marble to other stone composites, concrete, wood and even stainless steel, there seems no limit to the type of materials out there. And more are being introduced annually, it seems.

Because it’s horizontal, it’s going to be one of the first things people spot when they enter your kitchen, so find one that you’re going to love for a while.

Kitchen flooring

Your kitchen flooring has to be durable – all that spilled food, hot liquid and messy feet coming through it! But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stunning to look at too. There are plenty of impressive kitchen flooring materials around these days.

Think hardwood with a polyurethane finish to combat spills, for instance. Then there is beautiful ceramic tile – if it’s too cold then considering getting underfloor heating fitted for winter time. Limestone and travertine times are beautiful for both contemporary and country-style kitchens, while vinyl is still a big winner. The latter comes in an infinite number of designs. This includes tiles, planks and panels mimicking wood and stone tile – and very effectively too.

Kitchen lighting

All kitchens benefit from under-cabinet LED lighting. It adds a cosiness to a kitchen (if it’s warm white) but can also be used as task lighting. The latter is invaluable when it comes to prepping and reading ingredients or even just packet instructions.

Low hanging pendant lighting over a kitchen island can also look fabulous. This could take the form of one large light or three smaller matching pendants in a line.

Kitchen refurb costs

Of course, the type of kitchen refurbishment you embark on depends on how much money you have to spend on it in the first place.

There are, for instance, design fees to think about. Then there is the price of the furniture itself. Here at Kitchenwarehouse Ltd we can provide kitchen cabinet replacement doors and entire kitchen cabinets at some of the best prices in the UK, thanks to the fact we only sell online and have whittled down our overheads considerably.

After the design and furniture, there is the flooring to think about, as well as the walls (including splash back tiles). Then the plumbing and lighting. And, if you’re going this far there are the worktop costs and the appliances to sit on them. You can’t put old appliances back into a new kitchen – it would take away some of the magic of your new room.

Get in touch for advice with your kitchen refurb

Here at Kitchenwarehouse Ltd we don’t just sell kitchen cabinets, kitchen replacement doors and accessories. We can also help with advice and information on which would be most suitable for your kitchen project.

Feel free to speak to any of our expert kitchen team by ringing 01765 640 000. You can also get a hold of us by writing to us via email at We look forward to hearing from you!