As COVID-19 lockdown eases, it’s become apparent that many homeowners have spent the last couple of months deciding on various home improvement projects to undertake. At Kitchen Warehouse, we have been receiving a lot of requests to visit the showroom. Currently we are apportioning an appointment-only service. Customers can book in for a 1-hour time slot to discuss your design options with one of our kitchen consultants.

But, although we might be ‘appointment-only’ at the moment, let’s look at why it’s often only after an appointment with a highly trained and expert consultant that ideas for that dream kitchen can really begin to take shape.

Appointment Only: Why you should have a consultation

Of course, all people are different. Not everybody will feel they need to make a booking to meeting with a consultant at Kitchen Warehouse. You may have already have had those initial discussions with another consultant. You might already have quotes, measurements and plans in hand. Furthermore, you might already know exactly what you want. If that’s the case, you will find that you can browse and buy everything online through our easy-to-use website. From quotes to firm orders, you can do it all on the site, if you want to.

However, when you consider what a big deal having a new kitchen is for most people, it’s no surprise that many homeowners would rather not completely ‘go it alone.’ Most people feel the need and want the full benefit of having a kitchen consultation. Okay, a new kitchen isn’t quite a ‘once in a lifetime’ event; but it’s not something you do every couple of years. You want your dream kitchen to last for years and years.

A new kitchen is one of the biggest home improvement projects that you can take on. And, with so many decisions to be made, it can be quite a confusing and time-consuming process. There’s just so much choice these days. Of course, choice is a good thing – but the problem is, it can actually make it harder for you to make your mind up.

Making the most of a kitchen consultation

At the end of the day a 1-hour time slot with a kitchen consultant is little more than a no-obligation, informal chat about what you might like to do in your kitchen. Having said that, it’s also the first step on the path towards your dream kitchen. Naturally, you’ll want to make the most of it.

It’s certainly true that the consultants at Kitchen Warehouse are customer-focussed. It’s obviously important that your consultant will have considerable expertise of kitchens. That much is a given, but they also need to be able to understand your needs in more than just a practical sense. A consultant needs to have an affinity with a customer. They need to be on the customer’s wavelength. Our consultants will often intuitively know what is best for your needs, and what would work well and what could end up being a design mistake.

Appointment Only – Talk you through the various options

One of the big advantages of spending time with a kitchen consultant is that they will be able to talk through your many options. If the consultant can gain an understanding of what your preferences are, they will able to avoid overwhelming you with information that isn’t really necessary. This is why an expert is worth their weight in gold.

Naturally, measurements of your kitchen space and the positioning of any immovables, such a windows and doorways, are helpful to discuss right from the off. It will really help to get an initial idea of what will go where in your new kitchen. Of course, this is assuming you’re happy with the current layout of your kitchen. If you are, that’s great, but many people will be considering the possibility of changing the layout around to maximise the space you have. Or, you might be planning a new kitchen as part of a wider extension.

Planning for the day-to-day

In modern life, the kitchen has become one of the busiest – if not the busiest – rooms in the home. This is especially true in many contemporary homes that feature large kitchens or kitchen/diners.  The kitchen is often called ‘the hub of the home’ but it’s more than that – it’s the beating heart of the home, the focal point and the busiest room there is.

Thinking carefully about how you and your family live day-to-day is crucial when you’re considering a kitchen upgrade. Everybody has different needs and it’s really important that you address those needs a best you can. For example, safety will be of paramount importance if there are small children in the house. The needs of a large multi-generational family or a young couple will be quite different. But those needs still need be considered. Furthermore, think about the future. Your kitchen needs to be well-suited to your needs right now. But you will still want it to be totally suitable a couple of years down the line. Therefore, you should factor in if you think your home situation is likely to change over the next few years.

Getting the most out of the space you have

Maximising the space you have and making it work for you is absolutely essential when it comes to kitchen design. Do you plan to use the space for daily or occasional eating? Do you entertain a lot? Your consultant will help you find the best solution for your needs, and the space you have.

Nothing should be left to chance. Ergonomics are important. You don’t want to be walking further than you should have to between, for example, the fridge and the oven. You want your kitchen to be an efficient working space, as well as something that looks fantastic too.

Appointment Only: Unlimited advice and expert help

Don’t be afraid to ask your kitchen consultant anything about kitchens during your time with them! You should tap into their expertise and drain every last piece of advice from them. Whether you want a kitchen that is going to add re-sale value, or you want to create the dream kitchen that really is for life, help is at hand to make sure you make the best decision for you.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we really are her to help you replace your old kitchen and breathe fresh life into the heart of your home. Please call 01765 640000 to make an an appointment to discuss your kitchen design options with one of our friendly kitchen consultants.