Every kitchen has got one but it’s something that people sometimes don’t give a great deal of thought to. Of course, we’re talking about the humble kitchen sink.

You might be thinking “a sink is just a sink” which is true, with it’s functional aspect being it’s most important attribute. However, a sink is not just a sink. It can be an integral part of a kitchen design. Furthermore, it can be a stand-out feature, as making a bold design statement with a sink too can be easier to achieve than you think.

There is also a great deal of choice when it comes to sink these days, and here at Kitchen Warehouse we are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you in terms of ways you can use them to your advantage, as we have many kitchen sink ideas to share with you.

Kitchen Sink: Overmount and Undermount

Overmount sinks

Sinks come in a variety of designs and styles but in two main types. Overmount sinks are the most popular and most common too, accounting for around 75% of all sinks in UK homes. Essentially, an overmount sink is one that “sits on” the worktop.

They tend to be reasonably priced and are probably the most practical of all sink types. Ideal for a family kitchen, it’s no surprise overmount sinks are such a popular choice.

Speaking of choice, it’s something you definitely have with these kinds of sinks! From stainless-steel to granite or ceramic, there’s a range of materials to pick from. Stainless-steel remains the most popular which is unsurprising given its practicality and cost-effectiveness. Overmount sink designs come in traditional single bowl and bowl and a half designs. Generally, with these kinds of sinks, the draining board comes as part of the sink itself.

If you fancy taking the DIY approach, overmount sinks are the easiest type to work with. However, depending on the material, countertops can be tricky to cut yourself at home.

Undermount sinks

Due to the wide range of solid surface worktops that are on the market, undermount sinks continue to grow in popularity. Undermount sinks can be fitted to the likes of granite, acrylics and solid woods. Their clean design bring a touch of elegance and luxury to any kitchen, being an ideal choice if you are looking for a contemporary look.

As well as being a stunning look, undermount sinks offer practical benefits too. No edging means no accumulation of dirt, giving you a cleaner kitchen sink for longer. Furthermore, as grooves of the drainer are usually cut into the worktop, the area appears larger, but a downside to these sinks is that they can’t be fitted to the underside of a laminate worktop.

Types of kitchen sink basins 

Double basin sink

The double basin/bowl is the most popular type of basin arrangement for kitchen sinks. This is the design that has one side for washing and the other for drying. Practical and versatile, double basin designs have all bases covered: washing, rinsing and draining. You can’t go far wrong with a double basin sink!

Having said that, either side of your double basin can be quite small – depending on your needs. For example, if you are washing large pots and pans, you can sometimes struggle to accommodate them all. This isn’t normally a major problem but is one that is worth considering.

Single basin sink

A single basin/bowl design is a sink with no dividing basin. It’s often seen with farmhouse sinks. They are great for large households where there’s lots of cooking going on. Moreover, washing larger items is not a problem either due to their sheer amount of open space. However, single basins don’t provide a draining area, so you will need to bear this in mind – as you’ll need to have some form of drying area.

Farmhouse or Apron sink 

These are large basin designs, where the front “wall” forms the front of the sink and the counter. Overall, the most popular style is to have the installation at sink level and integrated in the counter, with the size of this sink being an obvious attraction here. Similarly, if you want a classic farmhouse kitchen look, this type of sink really is a must.

Drainboard sink

A drainboard sink features a small basin on one side and a drainboard (at counter level) to the other side. Above all, drainboard sinks are a good option in galley kitchens or any that have limited space. The basins do tend to be on the small side, but a drainboard sink could be the right choice for you if you have to do a lot of cooking and entertaining guests.

To be inclusive for all needs, we also offer low divider sinks and integrated sinks, but with these tending to be custom build they can be pricier than regular designs. Don’t forget that if you are looking at a kitchen island option, they normally come with supplementary or prep sinks incorporated into an overall design.

If you’d like to chat about your options for kitchen sinks, just get in touch with our dedicated team. We’re always happy to give advice about the things we love, kitchens! Be sure to leave a comment or give us a call on 01765 640 000. Alternatively you can email us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.

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