A kitchen is a quite sizeable investment and so you want to ensure that you’re going to get some longevity out of it in terms of style, as well as function. Knowing what creates a timeless kitchen can help you achieve this – something we can help you with here at Kitchen Warehouse.

Fads and fashions are all part and parcel of the kitchen manufacturing game, as they are with most things. However, being able to look past these and towards longevity can make a huge difference in how you feel about your kitchen in 10-15 years’ time. Choosing something with traditional elements, rather than going for a new kitchen that’s all out modern ensures you can rest assured your new kitchen will look great from the moment it’s installed and importantly in decades to come.

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Traditional Kitchen Units

If your kitchen is still in good condition then why spend large amounts of money on a complete overhaul? One great way to save on the cost of an otherwise quality kitchen is to replace the kitchen doors on your kitchen units. There are lots of different sorts of hardwood doors to choose from – from oak to more exotic woods – and these can really help ensure your kitchen looks quality for less than the cost of a complete overhaul. This allows you to tap into some sort of change but without having to spend thousands to do so, while still ensuring quality and longevity.

Light Fittings

Using nice light fittings for your kitchen units can really help make a space more attractive and really improve a kitchen. Be aware though that if you’re creating a traditionally styled space that a lot of modern lighting doesn’t tend to work that well with it. Looking for faux vintage or even reconditioned lighting can really help create a very attractive effect. Modern lighting such as spotlights can look great in some kitchens but don’t work at all, so be wary of adding them to your kitchen space if looking to create that classic, timeless kitchen look.

Materials for your Kitchen

The quality of materials matter a lot and can really make a notable difference to the kitchen in terms of the longevity and also the finish of the kitchen. There are so many fantastic materials that can be added to make a kitchen standout that it’s really down to the individual to do their research and choose. Needless to say, we’re always happy to offer our opinions or to share our thoughts on what works, but with so many options the world is your oyster. Choosing simple designs for wooden cupboards and kitchen units and then using other materials elsewhere to add fun can be a good call and help transform your kitchen at a low cost, but a highly effective way.

Kitchen Furniture

One great way to add to a kitchen in terms of style and design is to choose freestanding furniture to add to it. There are all sorts of beautiful options in terms of freestanding furniture. There are so many pieces out there that look the part, from dressers to tall boys and even reproduction pieces or freestanding islands. If you’re quite handy with a piece of sanding paper and paint you can pick some up for a song and then do them up yourself and make them look fantastic.

Wood Kitchen Units

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Wood is a classic material, a really glorious thing to work with and if you use a quality kitchen unit installer like us, can look absolutely fantastic in the kitchen.

We use a whole range of different wood kitchen units in our designs and also offer painted wood finishes too. Wood has traditionally been used in kitchens and although other materials do tend to make a showing from time to time, it is usually a quite steadfast option that is there through thick and thin. The wonderful thing about wood is that it’s also very versatile, meaning that once you like the style of the kitchen, there are no real issues with changing the paint or the colour of the wood in the long term if you feel like a change. This means that you can always be on trend if you feel the need to alter your kitchen.

Chrome and Metals

Chromes and metals can be used in the kitchen and can look great if they are added in a stylish and well thought out manner. Chrome finishes, for instance, can give a very appealing 1950s/1960s finish and can really work well and blend in beautifully with the other woods. Additionally, a lot of the beautiful and highly desirable appliances in kitchens such as Smeg fridges and KitchenAids tend to use chrome to some degree to create that look.

A kitchen that’s both modern in function and still offers a timeless design isn’t something that should be beyond any kitchen company. We offer a whole host of help for people trying to decide on what they want and will help channel you in the right direction if a timeless styled kitchen is what you’re after. We’re expert fitters of kitchen units and have a long history of creating happy customers – why not contact us?