What do your kitchen units say about you?

high gloss white kitchen units

high gloss white kitchen units


We take a look at what your kitchen units reveals about you and the times in which we live in.  If we were to go back in time and look at the kitchen and its kitchen units ten years ago, we would be welcomed by a minimalist area that was designed to be very showy-offy.  It may even have a theatrical feel to the preparation of meals.  The kitchens on the high street of today are traditional looking but nothing too frilly.  That said they are not based on the kitchen of an Edwardian housewife as they are far more streamline, reflecting the angle of cookery we want to participate in.  The kitchen units in a modern kitchen are all about being natural and integral, designed to be rugged yet timeless.

The design of kitchen areas is still a fairly new innovation, it was only when we started having to use kitchens that we began thinking about what we wanted to include in them.  It is unclear as to whether these were times when we dismissed the idea of having servants or when it stopped being the one room that was lived in.  The first ever show kitchen was created in the realm of George IV.

The majority of houses in the United Kingdom were built between the years 1880 and 1930 where the kitchen was a small gallery, not an extension in sight and was used by either the housewife or the maid.  In the years 1930’s the kitchen was the first room of the home where modernism started to creep in, after all the kitchen and its kitchen units is the most practical space within the home.

The kitchens that many of us grew up with in the sixties and seventies were eye-catching, designer and indulgent spaces that were saturated with floral wallpapers, bright green avocado coloured flashbacks and knick knacks that were brought back from family holidays.  In the kitchens of yesterday there was a common link between the food that was cooked and the confidence that oozed throughout the room of choice.  Food cooked was often inspired by travel.

Since this time the one problem we have had with kitchens is that they can never be too big.  We have knocked down walls, turned two rooms into one in order to make room for our posh kitchen units within a larger dining space.  The kitchen has now become the prime reception room and sold as a sitting room.

So does the kitchen need to be practical and clean?  What does your kitchen say about you and your tastes and preferences?  If you consider the way that you like to dress, the uniqueness of your voice and your little ways, these are all ways in which we express our own choices and more importantly our personality.  So why should this be different when it comes to your kitchen units?  If you take a look around your kitchen you are very likely to see a physical reflection of you and what you represent.

Are you a socialist?  If you are then you will want a kitchen that has the practicalities you would require but all the tricks of a lounge/sitting area.   Lots of people opt to have table lamps on their kitchen units so that when the sun goes down and it is a bit too much to have overhead lighting, soft lamps are perfect when entertaining.  You can very easily take design aesthetics from all areas of the home and bring it to the kitchen, but before you start dragging the shag pile carpet in the kitchen we have to admit there are some limits.

If you hold a desire for modern and chic furniture then you are very likely to be the kind of person that is heavily focused on functionality.  You may consider yourself a no nonsense person that believes in being organised and maybe slightly minimalist.  Some people that like modern furniture have a tendency to at times be a perfectionist.  Does this sound like you?  The contents in your home are likely to contain leather sofas, chrome finish to door handles, and you are likely to enjoy the luxury of dark solid wood flooring throughout.  Your home is also very likely to have a number of mirrors and a splash of modern art but only a little touch.

Whatever design features you awake to in the morning it is definitely a reflection of your family and what you and your family members represent.  The kitchen is an environment that should be very personal and driven by unique tastes and preferences.  The point to be made is no kitchen is any more popular than the next, the only thing that is different is not everyone’s tastes and preferences are the same.  And why would we want to be the same as our neighbours?

If someone was to pop around to your home and remove all the doors from your kitchen units and take a photo, what secrets would your kitchen units reveal about you?  I hope you guessed by now that the kitchen is regarded as the most important room in the home.  In the world of Feng Shui it represents wealth, health and prosperity.  It is the hub of the home, where family members get together to chat, gossip, enjoy a meal together or simply a place to enjoy each other’s company.  It is an area of the home where your food is stored and prepared.

Hopefully over time we have become far more relaxed and can let our hair down in a pink inspired kitchen with high gloss units if that’s what we crave for.  Further more high gloss  kitchen units are far easier to keep clean and to remove any unwanted handprints the kids have left behind.

What is your kitchen like and what does it say about you?  What would your ideal kitchen design be?  We would love to hear from you.



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