While we are proud of the British standard and design of kitchens, it is always useful to gain some inspiration from around the world. After all, with the way that trends and styles ebb and flow, we may see some of the styles implemented in foreign countries as a mainstay in British kitchens for years to come.

So if you have a wandering eye and would like to see how it is done on a continental and global scale, then you are in luck! The team at Kitchen Warehouse have picked out some countries from around the globe and gone into details about the way they do things when it comes to designing a dream kitchen…


If you have ever been to America or heard of the way the country goes about it’s business, the way they design their kitchens will hardly come as a surprise. In the US it is all about going big or going home, as seen in cities all around the country (and the portion size at restaurants!). This is no change in the kitchen, as many American homes utilise expensive additions such as a fancy island in the middle of their open plan room. Or even a large fridge freezer to add some glamour and show stopping quality to their kitchen with large, modern appliances.

America tends to shy away from the handleless kitchen look that is popular in the UK – and with Kitchen Warehouse – with handles being a mainstay in most kitchens. They also favour a white colourway, with wood also proving a popular material in their kitchens.


Where America goes for the “bigger is better” approach, Japan very much favours the opposite, with “less is more” proving to be their way of thinking. This is highlighted in their kitchen design, which are very simplistic in their nature. Japanese kitchens prefer to utilise the space that the kitchen provides, which is why you will likely see an island situated in the middle of the room providing storage for all of the essentials needed for preparing food and eating.

The Japanese use their kitchen units as a way of providing smart storage for pots, pans and plates etc, as efficiently and eco-friendliness being promoted heavily in this part of the word.

South Africa

In South Africa, most homes tend to take advantage of the open plan way of designing their kitchens. In most kitchens you will see this doubling up with a large dining or seated zone, promoting togetherness, communication and socialising. Whether this is with members of the household or with family or friends to come over and spend time in the kitchen.

To accommodate the bright sunny days in the country, most South African kitchens make use of white as a large part of their colourway, making the rooms appear much larger with the combination of the natural light and brightness of the kitchen doors and units.

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