It’s difficult to define sex appeal, some people respond to eyes, others to hands. For some a sultry voice can define sex appeal whilst for others, it’s a great rear that does the job!

Dream Kitchens

The same is true of kitchens. For some people the classic farmhouse kitchen has the ultimate sex appeal: the warmth and comfort of a traditional kitchen, the glowing Aga, exposed beams with bundles of drying herbs … it’s an enticing prospect.

For other folks, the drama of pared back Manhattan loft living is the ideal, it’s Sex in the City but with kitchen units! For these individuals, it’s all about the big idea and the kitchen is the backdrop to the excitement of food and entertainment. So these kitchens tend to have high fashion elements, for example, lots of stark chrome, black marble kitchen worktops, and elegant glass splash-backs.

Fusion TIFF File

For yet another group, the sexiest kitchens are those that have a vintage charm. For these people, it’s kitchens with retro detailing that deliver va va voom. Whether they are rock and roll junkies into polka-dots, juke-box coloured kitchen appliances and bar stool seating, or eighties fans seeking pull down lights, and neon bright kitchen drawer handles on clean white kitchen units, vintage is what packs a punch!

Kitchen Design Ideas

Whatever the style of kitchen that you consider sexy, it can be daunting to work out how to move towards your dream. Many people find it difficult to think of their own kitchen in any other than purely functional terms and for others, the problem is more down to earth – we can’t afford what we most desire.

So what’s the solution? Working with a company that is dedicated to helping you find the kitchen that’s right for you is the best answer. For those who struggle to think of their kitchen in design terms, hiring a designer can be frightening, but like many kitchen retailers, Kitchen Warehouse Ltd is used to helping our customers pin down their ideal kitchen in both design and practical terms.

And for those who would love a stylish looking kitchen but can’t afford a complete refit, replacement kitchen doors can transform a boring kitchen into a traditional, modern or retro one at a fraction of the cost.

A lot of kitchen sex appeal comes from the details. The structure of a well-designed kitchen is like the perfect bone structure of a fashion model … it’s an essential part of the appeal but nobody ever fell in love with bones! Once you’ve got your ideal kitchen units, adding in the right accessories creates the perfect final impression. From coloured glass to terracotta tiles, from old-fashioned copper pans to fruit bowls made of old vinyl records, small finishing touches add to the overall sexiness of your kitchen. Not only that, they can be great fun to seek out and create a talking point with all the admiring visitors your new kitchen is bound to receive!

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