One of the biggest questions we will get from customers is what our Kitchens quality is like in relation to the other large brands they have had quotes from such as Howdens, B&Q, Magnet and others.

If we take gloss doors for an example most of the large kitchen companies will sell a foil-wrapped gloss door which is one of the lowest quality currently on the market. The lowest priced gloss door we do is a sprayed an lacquered finish which is how your car is painted. It gives the door a much higher shine and protection against damage. Also, we pride ourselves on selling Acrylic doors which are currently the best on the market as they have a solid Acrylic face and have a mirror-like finish to them.

All of our components are sourced from people we have personally vetted and trust to deliver the quality that matches the carcasses and doors. Our Hinges and Drawer boxes come from Hettich. We visited the Hettich headquarters in Germany and came back very happy with the outstanding quality put into the products.

Many people like to compare our products to Howdens and the other big brands when really we should be compared to the quality of high street showrooms built to last. But staying at the low prices of the big brands (Or cheaper!)

Simply put, we are a kitchen manufacturer that sells directly to the public. This means that you don’t have to go through yet another company who are just passing the product from someone like us. This cuts down cost immensely and can help you get a better kitchen for your budget.

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