We have come to appreciate the importance of the internet at the Kitchen Warehouse Limited. While we still pride ourselves on our specialized and personal approach to our clients we also know that having an online presence is something that every business needs these days.

How many of you use Facebook on a daily basis? Probably everyone who is reading this blog. Did you know that we have a dedicated Facebook page that has been tailor made for our business and our customers?

If you use Facebook regularly or are simply new to the social media platform then you will want to know why we put a lot of work into our Facebook profile and what this means for you.

Why We Use Facebook

Put simply Facebook is the go to social networking site for most people. Not only does our company have a Facebook page but our staff use the platform as well so we know just how big and important it is.

We decided to use Facebook because it lets us interact with our clients. Sure we can do this on our showroom floor but then we are excluding many people who can’t come and visit our store.

By using Facebook we can reach out to the whole country and beyond. We can provide kitchen tips, design ideas and also provide the latest news in our industry straight to your computer, laptop or mobile device every day.

Get a 5% Discount By Liking Our Page

If you are interested in updating your kitchen or simply seeing what offers are available then our Facebook page is your first port of call. Unlike our website we can put updates on Facebook instantly. We keep our website updated with our latest products however if you want breaking offers and deals or to simply engage with our business then our Facebook profile is perfect for this.

Win great prizes like this!

Win great prizes like this!

The biggest reason that you should ‘Like’ your page is because it automatically gets you a 5% discount on anything you buy from our site. Say for example you are after some replacement kitchen doors for your home. All you need to do is to open up your Facebook account, go to our Facebook page, like us so that you receive our latest updates and when you place an order through our website you are entitled to a 5% discount of the price.

It really couldn’t be any easier.

Want Some Free Goods?

No kitchen is complete without some appliances and accessories. We regularly run competitions and contests on our page so that you can win some fantastic upgrades for your kitchen. Just last week we gave away a brand new Bosch Tassimo Joy Hot Drinks Machine to a lucky contestant and all it took was a simple like and share of our Facebook post.

Social networking is a part of daily life for many people and we are no different at the Kitchen Warehouse Limited.

Whether it is simply to see what our company is about, keep up to date with the latest kitchen designs or to get some money off your next order with us you should head over to the Kitchen Warehouse LTD Facebook page and see what we have to offer.