The great thing about having a big kitchen is that you have so much room to work with.

However, housing a large kitchen can also be a drawback. Coming up with large kitchen decorating ideas is not always easy as it can be hard to fill so much space.

We deal with a range of different kitchen sizes here at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD. We have years of expertise and know how to get the best out of your kitchen space.

Most people think that coming up with small kitchen designs can be a challenge however large kitchen decorating ideas are often just as difficult. Just because there is more space doesn’t mean that things are easier.

We have created a list of 4 of the best large kitchen decorating ideas to give you a little inspiration.

Installing A Kitchen Island

So we’ll start with a fairly standard but really effective way to bring out some class in your large kitchen.

An open plan kitchen with an island is one of the best large kitchen decorating ideas that gives you added room to prepare meals and eat as a family. Even though large kitchen designs with islands have practical advantages such as acting as another table, a breakfast bar or even just somewhere else to prepare meals- they look great as well. They almost give your kitchen a grand appearance!

large kitchen island

Kitchen island designs can be incorporated in any large kitchen and they are an effective method of eating up some space in your big kitchen while also offering great practical benefits too.

Dark Colours Are OK

We know that for small kitchen designs you need to use bright colours and natural light to give the perception of more space – but what about large kitchen decorating ideas?

In this case don’t be afraid to use darker colour schemes such as reds, blues and blacks. For small kitchens these shades can make the room seem even smaller but for a big kitchen then you have more room to work with so to speak. It means you can experiment and bring in colours that wouldn’t ordinarily be used in a smaller room such asĀ Jet Black Acrylic High Gloss Kitchen Doors.

If you have a big kitchen and you are stuck for large kitchen decorating ideas then using darker colours can be a novel way to add something unique to your home without making the room feel significantly smaller.

Install An Extra Sink

How does a sink impact on how your kitchen looks?

Well if you have a large kitchen and want to add a practical aspect to it while also filling some space in your kitchen units- then installing an extra sink can work wonders. We have two different styles available at The Kitchen Warehouse LTD – overmount kitchen sinks and undermount kitchen sinks.

Both of these styles can add something a little extra to your kitchen. While you will also have a separate area to wash dishes and clean up you will also create another element in your large kitchen.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Low Hanging Lighting

We have already talked about how darker colours can work great in large kitchens but low hanging lighting is a great idea as well.

In smaller kitchen’s you should avoid this if you can because it can create a dim feel to your cooking space and make it seem smaller. However, for large kitchen decorating ideas you can really play about with different shades of light. Why not try low hanging lights over a kitchen island? This will really emphasise the island in the kitchen while creating a pleasant and soft light in the rest of the room.

If you want to create an effective lighting plan for your large kitchen, that illuminates one part of the room, then low hanging lights is a great way to do this.

Large Kitchen Decorating Ideas With The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen then these large kitchen decorating ideas are a good way for you to start your kitchen re-design.

Because we have worked with many different kitchen styles, sizes and designs over the years, we have a team of specialists who are equipped to provide expert advice on how to improve your large kitchen. This can be something relatively small such as installing some low hanging lights or even just suggesting a new colour scheme. It can also involve a bigger job such as installing a kitchen island.

Even replacement kitchen doors in a different style to your own can really bring a large kitchen to life and give your kitchen a completely different feel.

The great thing about having a large kitchen is that you have a lot of room to work with. You don’t need to worry about units fitting in, certain designs making the room look small or even being overly concerned about space. With a large kitchen, you can really let your creative juices flow!

We are always happy to help and give advice on how you can improve your large kitchen no matter what your budget is.

Why not get in contact to see how we can assist with some large kitchen decorating ideas?