Fancy a digital backsplash which will display your cooker controls anywhere in the kitchen? Or how about a fridge that takes a quick snap of everything you pop into it for shopping purposes? Our kitchens are utilising the best of smart technology these days. And for us that means not just cleaner and more efficient kitchens but also a lot more time to spend with friends and family.

As invested browsers, here at Kitchenwarehouse Ltd, we’ve done a special round-up of our favourite smart kitchen appliances and gadgets around today. See if you agree:

Food Marble digestive tracker

The latest thing to get Americans excited, the Food Marble digestive tracker is now also available on UK shores. It’s so intelligent it can tell you just how your body is coping with the food you are consuming at that moment in time. It’s all achieved by recording what your breath is doing and then building up an overall digestive profile. The idea is that eventually you’ll learn to eat only foods that your body handles well. Certainly, at £120 each, it’s a lot cheaper and quicker than a series of food intolerance tests. And it’s pretty cool looking…

Self-Cleaning Oven

Now this piece of smart technology for kitchens we truly love. After all, what’s not to like about a self-cleaning oven? Especially a self-cleaning double oven. Pyrolytic technology works by turning existing food residues in the oven (such as fat and sugar) into ash. How? The oven heats up to furnace-like temperatures of 480 degrees, leaving the homeowner to simply brush out the ash once the oven has cooled down. Clever – and only a little messy. And anyway, while the oven is self-cleaning you can go and do something else with your precious time. A SMEG pyrolytic double oven costs around £1049.

GHSP Smart Digital Backsplash

The GHSP Smart Digital Backsplash is a backsplash that is basically a giant touchscreen, divided into grids, sitting underneath your kitchen cabinet replacement doors. This means that you are able to ‘bring up’ on screen the cooker controls – regardless of wherever you happen to be in the kitchen at that moment in time. But it’s not only the cooker; you can call up any appliance in your kitchen that it’s synched with. It’s all touch sensitive so incredibly easy to use. And don’t worry about kids accessing it – you’ll be pleased to hear it’s all password protected. And anyway, when you’re not using it as a giant touch screen you can change it to tiles, a landscape scene or pictures of your dog!

Other things you can do with the digital splashback is check out recipes (no need for a space limiting recipe book and stand), as well as open and shut the garage doors. Oh, and there’s also a voice-controlled version, making it incredibly hygienic too. So far it’s only been proto-typed but word is it’ll be available to purchase any time soon.

Smarter fridge cam 

Many of us seem to never have time to catch our breath – never mind check – and remember – what’s in our fridge. And which is why the Smarter Fridge Cam is really quite brilliant. Not only does it save time, and negates the need for a shopping list, but it can be accessed anywhere, anytime – and most usually, in the supermarket aisle. That’s because it’s been built to synch easily with a mobile phone. We’re thinking no more food waste, and more pennies in our pocket. At around £150 to buy this bit of smart technology for kitchens will pay for itself in six months, we reckon.

Meater Smart Wireless Food Thermometer App 

What’s great about the Meater Smart Wireless Food Thermometer App? Well it means that not only do you get accurate temperature readings when cooking meat, but you don’t get any mess on your valuable thermometer either. That’s because the app and your smartphone communicate with one another while the temperature is accessed using a simple and easy to wash probe. The device synchs with iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Alexa. You can buy a basic model with a range of around 50 metres, for £109.

Whirlpool Connected Hub Wall Oven

Sometimes it can be tempting to save the best ‘til last. And in that case, this is certainly a contender. This whirlpool oven doesn’t just guarantee perfectly cooked meals, it also educates you at the same time. Some of its clever features include coordinating the families diaries so that if everyone is available at a particular day and time it will suggest a meal to fit with the time commitments. The recipe will be based on the family’s pre-programmed preferences and will be displayed on the oven in steps. It will also co-ordinate cooking times and has a zoom to allow checking on the food without having to open the oven door and cause the temperature to drop. Still a concept at present, watch this space…