When it comes to interior design, trends really are a moveable feast. You really have to pay attention if what you want to keep up with what is hot and what’s not in design and décor circles. The colour scheme you choose for your kitchen is no exceptions; trends do come and go. However, you certainly won’t want to be getting the rollers and brushes out year on year. You want a look that feels fresh and modern and stays on-trend for years to come. This is why kitchen colours tend to stay in favour for a good while. In recent years, the latest colour trends all across the home have been dominated by one colour, in particular: greys.

Once considered bland and boring, grey has enjoyed a renaissance over the last few years. Interior designers have embraced the undeniable benefits that grey brings to the table. Grey has an inherently contemporary and modern feel. This is the ideal style for most homeowners. Not only that, grey is also neutral enough to be partnered with virtually any other colour. Therefore, grey can help you create a truly individual look for the kitchen.

Of course, a perennial favourite is white. This is no surprise, as white will never go out of fashion. If you want a clean, bright and airy look for your kitchen, white is still hard to beat. However, there are new kids on the block when it comes to the latest colour trends for the kitchen in 2022. So, without further ado, let’s take us at the movers and shakers in the colour charts this year.

Latest Colour Trends: Green is the colour

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If Covid has taught society anything, it’s the importance of health and happiness. Therefore, it’s fitting somehow that green has emerged as one of the most on-trend colours of 2022. After all, green is the colour that symbolizes nature, renewal, growth and the environment.

What the colour green can represent certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by contemporary interior designers. The trend towards all things green also coincides with a move towards the use of bolder colours – generally- in the kitchen. Traditionally, of course, many homeowners saw the kitchen as a space where neutral and understated colours worked best. After all, the kitchen was largely a work space – of food preparation and cooking. However, in recent years, the kitchen’s place in the modern family home has evolved. Alongside this, the trend towards open-plan living has meant the kitchen has become so much more than a space where people cook meals.  Now the kitchen has morphed into the bustling beating heart of the home, bolder and richer colours now seem more appropriate and fitting – and this includes green.

Why green is a good colour for the kitchen

It’s no surprise to us shades of green have become a major part of the latest colour trends for the kitchen. Green tones are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. In essence, one of the main reasons for its success is down to the ‘science’ of colours. You see, green stands at the centre point of the colour wheel. This means that green is an adaptable and versatile colour. It works equally well with cool and warm colour schemes and is able to tie various tones together in colour harmony.

Dark, deep green is an especially effective choice in the modern, tech-heavy kitchen environment. It brings a touch of the natural into the proceedings. It’s that connection with nature that makes green so palatable in the kitchen. Alongside blue, green is the colour we see the most in the natural world. The effect is that our eyes require little or no adjustment when faced with green. The effect created is a feeling of harmony and peace – excellent additions to the kitchen, that can often be a busy – if not chaotic – space, with so much going on. Green has a calming and grounding quality.

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What are the most popular green shades?

There are now so many different shades of green to choose from, but here are some of the most popular green choices when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Darker green tends to be the shade that homeowners tend to gravitate to. The warmth and earthiness that it brings to the space is the big attraction. Not only that, the cool base tones that darker green possesses means that it is an excellent bedfellow for the contemporary kitchen as well. Forest green (for its natural vibe) and sage tones (for their neutrality) are also popular choices right now. Indeed, it is the fact that there are so many different shades of green to play with that makes the colour one of the star attractions of 2022. From earthy olive to soft sage to deep rich tones, there truly is a green for all tastes and moods. What’s more, a combination of coordinating green tones can be extremely striking and eye-catching, while also adding texture and warmth to the space.

In short, green can bring a pop of colour and a more zen feel to the kitchen space. It really is a win-win situation.

Latest Colour Trends: Green kitchen ideas

As one the latest colour trends, there are plenty of wonderful kitchen ideas featuring gorgeous green. Deeper and darker shades create a moody feel and a more traditional look for your kitchen. Choose brighter and bolder shades to create a lively feel for the space. One of the most eye-catching looks that you can go for is to partner dark green with marble countertops. Contrasts such as this can be breath-taking in a kitchen setting, and the darker you go with your green, the more dramatic the overall effect will be. Choose marble with a high level of veining for a truly stunning look.

Olive is possibly green’s most understated and underrated tone. It can be perfectly neutral and act as the ideal sidekick to another colour, happy to remain in the background. Or it can be the absolute star of the show and steal all the limelight if its warm and earthy tones. Olive green is a colour that has a definite air of the classical about it. If you want to bring interest and sophistication to the piece, you would be hard-pushed to beat the effect created by olive.

Another option is to double-up on green. Why have just one shade of green when you can have two in the kitchen. Choosing one tone of green for the cabinets and another for the walls can add a real sense of balance to the space. Ultimately, balance is what makes a room work, visually.

Latest Colour Trends: Is blue the colour for you?

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Okay, so if green is very much the new kid on the block when it comes to the latest colour trends in the kitchen, dark blue is still a firm favourite too. In vogue for a good couple of years, it shows no signs of going out of style anytime soon.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Dark blues simply ooze serenity and sophistication in equal doses. This is why dark blue has become a home interiors style trend right across the home. However, it is probably in the kitchen where its impact can be felt the most. A well-chosen shade of blue can be stunning and striking in the kitchen.

There has been a move in recent years towards the use of darker colours in the kitchen. Dark blue has skyrocketed in popularity as a result. Of course, it is true that you need to be careful when introducing darker shades into any room – especially those of a smaller size. It can feel intimidating when imagining a dark blue all over a space. However, with the right approach, you can create a look that is not overbearing, and one that is as warm and homely as it is striking and eye-catching. Have no fear, there are many great ways to incorporate dark blues into your kitchen colour scheme.

How to incorporate dark blue into your kitchen colour scheme

Pair blue with white – keep things light

If you are concerned that dark blue all-over will come across as overwhelming and overbearing, there is an easy get-out: pair dark blue with white in the kitchen. You are pretty much guaranteed a stunning overall look too. Cabinets that are split half-white and half-blue will work brilliantly. Keep the dark blue to the base cabinets. As the position is lower down and below eye level, the effect will be that the colour won’t feel too prominent or imposing. But, rest assured, they will still make an excellent impression. Complemented by a lighter worktop and white upper cabinets, the blue will look incredibly impressive. A striking contrast between the two colours will be created with a clean and streamlined split between the two. Naturally, the white will brighten the space too. As calming as at is classy, a blue and white combination will produce a timeless look for the kitchen that will never go out of style.

Create a sense of drama – Go black and blue

For those who are a little bolder and more daring, black and blue can be a truly show-stopping colour combination. Better for larger kitchens that are blessed with plenty of natural light, black and blue is a winning pairing for the ultra-modern and contemporary kitchen look. Choose a high gloss finish for a genuinely breath-taking feel.

Go metallic – or use wood

One of the many advantages of a dark blue kitchen colour scheme is that it complements virtually any metallic accessories. From classic stainless steel, through silver, copper, brass and right the way to glamorous gold, any metallic accompaniment will add a touch of luxury and class to a dark blue kitchen. Silvers and steels will have a cooling effect. Meanwhile, the likes of brass, copper and gold will create warmth – a sure-fire way to add more depth to the overall kitchen colour scheme.

It is best to style metallics in small areas – but in many spaces across the whole kitchen. Handles are the obvious candidates, but don’t forget taps and light fixtures. The splashback can also incorporate a metallic hint. Failing that, other accessories, such as kitchen appliances or vases can be chosen that have a metallic hue to great effect.

If your taste is more traditional in feel rather than contemporary, wood textures are a fantastic addition to a dark blue kitchen. Wood will bring out the warmth of the blue. This creates a welcoming and homely feel. Think of the classic farmhouse-style kitchen and you will be on the right lines. Another great way to incorporate wood into a blue kitchen is to consider a hardwood floor. This will help to create a warm and natural vibe.

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Latest colour trends: Kitchen islands and kitchen zones

Another option and a great way to introduce dark blue into the kitchen is with an island. You can create a dark blue kitchen island feature that really attracts attention and draws the eye. Go with bold, deep blue colour for the island and pair with a contrasting tone for the cabionets and worktop. White, off-whites (such as ivory), and light grey will all work superbly as the backdrop for a dark blue island.

A different – but increasingly popular – approach is to use colours to create different zones across the kitchen. Most effective in larger kitchens, there is still no reason why zoning can’t work in smaller spaces too. From a stack of full-height dark blue cabinets in the corner to integrated appliances and floor-to-ceiling cupboards, there are many looks that can work really well.

And finally… the walls

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about the fixtures and fittings if you want to go with one of the latest colour trends in the accessories. Dark blue can be a great choice as a complementary colour for a whole host of shades. For example, if you have a white, cream and grey kitchen, opting for dark blue paint on the walls can add some depth to a palette that otherwise runs the risk of being pale and neutral (at best), and boring and dull (at worst). Even in smaller spaces, where you will want to avoid too much dark colour, a feature wall of dark blue can add a striking pop to the space.

So, is blue for you?

Only you can really answer this question. However, you should be clear that incorporating dark blue into the kitchen will definitely bring something fresh and new to the space. In the psychology of colours, blue is intrinsically linked to a calming effect. It inspires peace, quiet and a relaxing mood. Not only that, blue is as equally suited to both timeless traditional designs as it is to ultra-modern, futuristic looks. Blue is a winner all-round.

Purple – Rich, regal and irresistible

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The ultra-fashionable alternative to dark blue is purple. Just like its colourful cousin, purple is rich, bold and comes with bags of character. It brings warmth and a regal air to the piece. What’s more, it’s every bit as versatile as blue – not least because there are so many shades of purple to choose from.

A mark of its on-trend stature right now is the fact that the Pantone Colour of Year for 2022 is a beautiful purple tone. Very Peri is Pantone’s colour selected to take us out the pandemic period – a shade that boasts, “some of the qualities that blue represents complemented by a new perspective.” It’s a colour that certainly resonates and creates a genuine impression.

Latest colour trends: The Purple Revival

The Pantone Colour of the Year accolade shows just how much of a revival the colour purple is enjoying right now in the world of interior design. Similar in spirit to blue, the colour psychology of purple connotes images of grandeur, luxury, and wealth – as well as having a strong link to the idea of royalty. Not only does it tick all the boxes in terms of the mood it evokes, purple is also a great all-rounder. It comes in an abundance of shades and tones to suit all kitchen styles and personal tastes. From gentle lilacs and lavenders to deep plums, there is a purple tone to match every mood.

Purple can be incorporated into the kitchen décor with subtlety and style. From an understated accent colour chosen for accessories or a backsplash, you can also go the whole hog and opt for full-blown purple cabinetry or walls. Not only that, purple is the perfect partner for lots of other colours too.

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A purple kitchen adds personality

For the less-bold, subtle and softer shades of purple – such as lilac and lavender – could be the perfect pick. However, as much as lighter shades work, we have a personal penchant here at Kitchen Warehouse for deep and darker tones, such as raisin and plum. Whatever your personal preference is, there is no doubt that a purple palette opens up a wealth of design opportunities.

Pale tones, such as lilac, make for a restful and stress-free environment. Such shades won’t overwhelm a room and they work beautifully with woods and plants – bringing nature into the kitchen with true style.

You can add purple with subtlety, such as with an island or backsplash – or simply paint a wall. If you want to make a dramatic impression, choose a deep purple shade – such as aubergine – to make a real statement. It will ground the whole space with aplomb. Blend with white walls to create contrast and a comforting balance. A wooden worktop, accessories, or flooring will add another dimension entirely to the design.

Purples – mauve, for example – are extremely versatile. They can work as both accent and neutral colours. You could always mix things up by using two purple shades together too.

Last not but least: Pretty in pink for 2022

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Once resigned to be only the colour of Barbie dolls or girls’ nursery walls, pink has come into its own and takes its deserved and rightful place in our selection of the last colour trends for the kitchen in 2022.

Pink in the kitchen might strike you as a bold or daring choice but it really is an extremely versatile and adaptable colour. And with so many shades of pink to choose from, we are sure you will find something under the pink umbrella to suit whatever style you are looking for in your kitchen.

Pink can bring warmth and a sense of fun to any space. However, it can be muted and understated as well as vibrant and lively. It really all depends on the mood that you want to create for the space.

Going all-pink right across the whole kitchen might feel like a step too far. To avoid overkill or a look that is too overwhelming, you can ground a paler shade of pink with another tone that provides more depth. An island – if you have the space – is a great way of bringing pink into the space.

Pale pinks are neutral without being dull in any way. Another advantage is that pale pinks go with a wide range of other colours. For a softer look, blend pink with white and cream. For a bolder and more striking effect, pink goes surprisingly well with green. A deep green combined with a dusty pink is the perfect contemporary combination for 2022.

Latest colour trends: Final words

So, there you have it – all the major latest colour trends for the kitchen in 2022. If you want to ensure that your new kitchen design is bang on-trend, you can do no wrong f you choose the colours we have selected here. Dark greens and dark blues are striking and dynamic. Purple is the up-and-coming trendsetter and as a colourful counterpart, pink provides you with another set of options.

Bold and brash – or soft and subtle – the choice is yours. Follow the latest colour trends to complete the look for your dream kitchen. If you would like any advice about anything to do with kitchens – colours or otherwise – feel free to get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team. We’re always happy to help.