Ever wondered how to keep your worktops in prime condition? With so many different materials and designs of worktops on the market, it can be puzzling to know how best to look after yours – but Kitchen Warehouse is here to help, making caring for your mistral worktops a breeze.

What are mistral worktops?

It’s hard to go wrong with Mistral worktops as mistral is great at withstanding the everyday rigours of the kitchen.

Crafted from an enhanced acrylic solid surface, it is hardwearing and long-lasting. The mistral material is specially designed for kitchen worktops and is fire, chemical and impact resistant.

The fact that mistral worktops are non-porous means that liquid will not be able to seep through and cause damage. This feature also prevents bacteria from developing inside – making mistral worktops a hygienic option too.

How do I maintain my mistral worktop?

Even though mistral worktops are highly durable, they still need to be regularly looked after, and by doing this correctly you can further add to and enhance their long-lasting properties.

No matter what material your worktop is made from, you need to apply a certain amount of care and attention to keep them looking the part and remaining durable further down the line. So, how do you maintain your mistral worktops?

Routine cleaning

Basic cleaning with these mistral worktop materials is actually very easy. All that is needed is warm soapy water and a soft damp cloth which will wipe up basic spills and keep your mistral worktops looking clean on a regular basis. The fact that these worktops don’t allow any bacteria to creep inside it means that a quick wipe will clean up any bacteria or dirt in no time at all.

Removing marks and stains

Mistral worktops have a tremendous ability to resist stains and cleaning them should not be a regular occurrence. However, a little more work is needed to get rid of marks and stains on your mistral worktops, but it is certainly not difficult.

To remove a mark or strain from your worktop, take a grey mirlon pad and rub over the affected area in a small circular motion until the mark is removed. You can use a more abrasive material if the mark or stain is particularly stubborn. However, keep in mind that rubbing too hard or using a hard abrasive pad can cause damage to even the most durable of worktops.

Caring for your mistral worktops

Mistral worktops are among the most popular worktop designs used in modern kitchens, which is largely due to their stunning look and exceptional level of resilience.

These worktops come in a variety of different shades that can be both light and dark as per your requirements, allowing them to fit with virtually any kitchen design. In fact, they look great with any of our kitchen units or kitchen doors styles.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we recommend contrasting the worktops with a darker or lighter colour of cabinets is a good idea. This creates a well-designed and contemporary effect in your home.

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