Guide on how to maintain your solid oak kitchen doors !


Guide on how to maintain your solid oak kitchen doors! Solid oak kitchens get better with age providing you maintain the wood. It is very simple and easy to do, just simply use a wood furniture polish like MR SHEEN. every so often on the oak kitchen doors it will revitalise the colour and build up the polish on the surface over time making you solid oak kitchen doors richer in colour and feed the timber doors with nutrients that they need.  This will also keep your kitchen looking and smelling fresh and new. Most solid oak kitchen doors are lacquered or oiled, the polish will still help build up the shine on the surface of the door even though the timber is sealed.


solid oak kitchen doors

A beautiful new kitchen with solid oak kitchen doors

The polish will also help to prevent the fading of the solid oak kitchen doors that are situated directly in the sun light again making your new timber kitchen feel fresh and loved.

The price of solid oak kitchens has come down massively in the last 5 years making a new solid oak kitchen much more affordable for all. We recommend polishing you solid timber kitchen doors, once all installation work has been complete on the fitting of your new oak  kitchen units, then every 4-6 months thereafter, but the more often you polish the kitchen doors the better they will become, you cannot over polish them, Fact.

Please follow this very simple guide on how to maintain your solid oak kitchen doors and your kitchen will look as well in 10 years if not better than it does know.

Many people don’t bother polish there solid oak kitchen doors, but it is never to late to start, so if you have a kitchen that has solid oak kitchen doors get yourself down to Morrison’s and by some furniture polish.

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