COVID-19 has unfortunately put paid to many people’s summer plans this year. With holidays and trips cancelled across the globe, the masses have had to turn to home comforts in order to try and facilitate this loss. This means making the most of their home in every way possible, including one of the most important rooms in the house, the kitchen.

With summer in full swing, the team here at Kitchen Warehouse thought we would give you some inspiration as to how you can capitalise on the beautiful space your kitchen has and make it into a summer haven you can be proud of.


There are some easy forms of decoration that can completely transform your kitchen space, making it perfect to welcome the warm summer months. A simple yet effective way of bringing summer into your kitchen, is to pick a fresh and colourful set of flowers to place as a centrepiece on top of your kitchen cabinets.

You can also add some cool summer art to your kitchen to truly bring it into season. This can be something that is there to stay throughout the whole year if it is particularly pleasing on the eye or can be interchanged with art more suitable for autumn and winter later on in the year. Making your kitchen versatile keeps it fresh and will never make it boring to look at!

A new coat of paint

One of the simplest ways of bringing your kitchen units and doors up to summer is by giving them a new lick of paint, it never hurt anybody after all! By moving from a darker kitchen décor to something that is of a brighter shade and more in keeping with the light outside, you can actually make your space appear larger than it really is. This again adds to the welcoming atmosphere you are trying to create. Something as simple as this can make all the difference when creating the ultimate summer kitchen.

Incorporate the kitchen to your outdoor activities

Sometimes, you don’t even have to change the appearance of the kitchen to make it a popular room during the summer months – instead just change what you do with it. If you have a kitchen that opens up to your back garden, then take advantage of this by keeping the doors open while you’re sat out basking in the sunshine. This keeps it less “closed off” and a more appealing prospect to use. It can be home to many summer activities such as baking and cooking, with the ability to eat outside making this even easier.

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