Not all of us are fortune enough to have large dining kitchens or open-plan extensions these days. There are plenty of us around where feeding all the family plus friends at the same time can prove problematic. That’s because some of us have smaller galley kitchens in which to prepare and serve food to our loved ones.

And that’s just fine. Because, despite its shape and limited space, a galley kitchen in an apartment or house can still prove incredibly stylish. It can even cause kitchen envy amongst our friends. How? Well, here are some style ideas to make your galley kitchen look not just good, but great:

Fit glossy galley kitchen cabinets

A double galley kitchen (ie two linear rows of cabinets and worktops) looks great in a light colour. There should also be plenty of glossy kitchen cabinets. That’s because it doesn’t just come across as streamlined and sleek but also larger. It seems roomier because the gloss on the cabinets will prove reflective; giving the sense of more physical space to move around in. You can multiply this effect considerably by having a mirrored splashback fitted. This bounces plenty of light around the room; prepare to see numerous versions of yourself reflected simultaneously.

Keep extraneous galley kitchen items hidden

The sleek stylishness of glossy kitchen units is enhanced by having handleless cabinets. This works well because no handles or knobs stick out of drawers or door and distract the eye as it looks down the room. Another clever trick is to ensure that as many kitchen appliances as possible are integrated (ie sit inside the cabinets). The likes of fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines, dish washers and wine coolers can also be purchased as integrated items these days. Meanwhile, keep your galley kitchen neat and tidy by ensuring there are no items lying around the worktops. This helps to create the smart minimalist look still further.

Install a glass sliding door

If your galley kitchen is at the back of your home and leads onto the garden then instead of having a plain back door, fit a sliding glass door instead. This takes the eye along the rows of galley-style cabinets and outside into the garden beyond, giving an exaggerated feeling of space.

Adopt a country style look

But just because you have a galley kitchen, this doesn’t mean you have to adopt a contemporary look with glossy cabinets etc. No, galley kitchens work well in a country style interior too. You could fit a Belfast sink, install open shelving and add accessories such as copper pots hanging from wall hooks. Just keep the walls in a neutral colour scheme, in keeping with the look and to add to the feeling of space.

Go for a Nordic galley kitchen design

White and neutral colour schemes for cabinet doors are best for galley kitchens. And this is the basis for a Nordic (Scandi) kitchen look. Add colourful accessories such as a bright orange kettle and toaster. Then again, keep a ‘chill’ feel by using cool silver for the colour and texture of your minor appliances.

The ‘classic galley kitchen working triangle’

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where the term ‘galley kitchen’ originated from, you might be interested to learn that it came from a ship’s galley. The point was that kitchens in boats were small so they had to be ultra-efficient by maximising every little bit of space. As a result, most were double galley kitchens ie had two rows of cabinets on either side. They also had the ‘classic working triangle.’ This meant a space at the end where the cooker, sink and fridge were all set equidistant. The point of the triangle was that each could be reached quickly and simply when cooking.

Even open plan kitchens these days have a type of double galley style kitchen; the other row being the kitchen island. This often contains a sink and cupboards for storage, as well as seating. It can also act as a barrier to delineate the kitchen from the rest of the room.

If you have a galley kitchen and are wondering how you can enhance it then why not contact one of our kitchen team? We can provide a whole range of glossy and neutral shaded kitchen cabinets or replacement kitchen doors – and all at very competitive prices. Why not take a look through today?